BakerySwap Gives Further Insight Into Featured Artist, Custom Horror, as his Bunny Awakening NFT Drop Approaches

Custom Horror had an interview with BakerySwap where he gave hints about his upcoming NFT drop and a host of other insights.

Custom Horror on Artistry

Custom Horror sees himself as a child even at the current age of 38yrs. According to the interview session with BakerySwap, David opined that whether as a gift or someone who takes art as a form of livelihood, you can get better when you spend more time on the craft.

Custom Horror NFT Artist | Source

The artist started his alter ego, Custom Horror, in 2018. He has since dedicated his life to the profession, evolving his style with time; in March, he incorporated new types of experiences, including painting in VR, rendering 3D models, and animating. His type of work mixes with intuitive and playful approaches.

Why Binance Smart Chain Versus Ethereum?

As with other artists, projects, and movements on BSC, they are influenced by high fees on Ethereum.

Custom Horror has this to say in the BakerySwap interview session; “The topic of too high gas fees on the ethereum network somehow led to BakerySwap and Binance chain NFTs. I was already trying to access several platforms on ethereum, so the prospect of lower minting fees and the fact that Bakeryswap still seemed new, got me excited and gave me a sense that I could impact and get some attention on this platform. So I quickly started minting and bugging your team to feature me on Bakery Gallery. I have been well received by you and your team and collectors as well. Is this where I write tons of hearts? I think so. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

What’s Coming Next?

The artist has hinted of his participation with the BakerySwap environmental day, announced on June 5th by BakerySwap. The artist, however, is not making any promises or guarantees. 

BakerySwap World Environmental Day Event | Source

Also, Custom Horror’s Bunny Awakening NFT Drop is fast approaching, alongside a VR painting i. Collectors may want to keep their fingers crossed for the upcoming release.

About Custom Horror

According to the website, Custom Horror embraces the ugly and the imperfect. It’s a creation of contemporary art pieces made effortlessly, intuitively, and unapologetically. It’s the one-stop shop for art pieces, carefully created and curated. These pieces can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Custom Horror

The artwork is manifested with energy, hasty strokes, and a drive to explore. The work depicts a universe of happy, dark, nonsensical, and sometimes grotesque intuitions and thoughts.

About BakerySwap

BakerySwap is the number one NFT based AMM Dex exchange platform on Binance Smart Chain network. The platform’s improved relevance in the NFT and gaming space have continued to gain for it more and more relevance and exposure to the artists and artistry world.

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