BakerySwap Features Spanish Artist Irene Cerezo, NFT Artwork on Bakery Gallery

Irene Cerezo becomes the 11th digital artist to share her success story on BakerySwap’s weekly NFT interview sessions.

BakerySwap Interview Sessions Created To Promote Upcoming Digital Artists

The BakerySwap platform has put a lot of effort into improving several upcoming artists. The first protocol that provides Automated Market Making (AMM) and a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace—Bakery Gallery on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)—continues to create NFT awareness and attraction worldwide. Through its innovative gallery, many upcoming digital artists have showcased their impressive artworks to the public. In addition, BakerySwap holds weekly interview sessions to promote these artists while also understanding their views about NFTs. The latest artist to feature in BakerSwap’s interview is Irene Cerenzo, a Spanish graphic designer, 3D specialist, and web designer. Let us take a look at the interview according to BakerySwap’s medium report. However, what do we know about the protocol’s NFT marketplace designed for artistic displays?  

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) And The Bakery Gallery 

NFTs are digital tokens that take the form of a piece of digital art or music. In a bid to expand its NFT community, BakerySwap launched its NFT marketplace called the “Bakery Gallery” on the 27th of April 2021. Designed to compete against top-quality Ethereum platforms, the Bakery gallery attracts talented and sophisticated NFT investors and collectors worldwide. In short, it is a curated NFT platform for emerging artists.  


On Bakery Gallery, users can find almost anything related to art. There are several sections on the marketplace for users to explore. It features meme contests, game items, DeFi NFT ($SOCCER, $POKER, etc.), and a collection of digital art designs created by both promising and established artists. For more insight about BakerySwap’s NFT marketplace, check the interview with Mr. Bake and how BakerySwap is pioneering the field. 

Featured Artists: BakerySwap Introduces Irene Cerezo 

Last week, highlighted BakerySwap’s 10th featured artist, Sergi Stamp, another Spanish 3D artist. Maybe there is a thing for Spain and digital creators because Irene is also from Spain. She becomes the 11th featured artist on BakerySwap’s interview sessions. Retired Real Madrid player Guti also became the second footballer to NFT with Binance last month.

Irene Cerezo was born in Madrid and had a passion for digital arts since she was little.

While growing up, Irene drew motivation from a phrase she created at age 15, “You will eat my cereals. Because I will create a television commercial so attractive that you will not be able to resist.” 


During her interview session with BakerySwap, the talented Madrid-born artist shared how she discovered her passion for photography and motion graphics during her design career, which she learned from costume design, web design, and 3D. 

On her challenges as a digital artist and how she was able to overcome them

“I think all commissions are a challenge,” she said. “Both customer orders and orders that you make to yourself as an artist. I think I’m my worst boss.”

Speaking on overcoming all challenges as a digital artist, she stated that doing research is the best strategy, not just in design. According to her, inspiration can be found anywhere. 

On young people that want to become artists but don’t know where to start

Many young people want to become digital artists, but the problem they face is getting started. When asked how she could help such people, she said that the main thing is never to give up.

“Always do things from the heart. It is also continuous work. Not only learn tools, techniques, but you also have to work on yourself. Understand who we—digital artists—are, our weaknesses and strengths, and above all, what motivates us and makes us happy.”

In conclusion, Irene disclosed that she always does things that feed her soul. 

On how she got to know BakerySwap 

Irene discovered BakerySwap’s platform through her friends in the NFT space.

She said, “I did a master’s in motion graphics where I met my partner and friend, Muwasha. He introduced me fully to the world of NFTs and cryptos. I will always be very grateful for everything he has taught me.” She concluded, “In short, I found Bakery thanks to Muwasha and Zen.” 

On her next project 

Irene is currently working on creating a donut collection about Battle pets. This is because she finds the pests adorable, and she wanted to create something really cute.

In her words, “I have never done anything Kawaii, and I wanted to experiment with it. It’s my first time doing something so cute, and I liked creating these NFTs. It’s different for me.” 

On what she has to say to her fans 

Irene was a bit skeptical about answering BakerySwap’s question about what she wants to tell her fans. According to her, she doesn’t know if she has fans. However, she was thankful for the immense support from people who love what she does. 

To read her complete statements from the interview session, refer to BakerySwap’s medium post. 



BakerySwap is a BSC-based decentralized finance protocol offering one of the best rewards programs around. It works as a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), utilizing the Automated Market Maker (AMM) functionality to make the trading experience worthwhile. The platform has an NFT gallery and marketplace which features artworks created by carefully selected talented digital artists/celebrities.

Final Thoughts

BakerySwap’s interview session with Irene Cerezo will not only increase her fame across the NFT space but will also compel more digital artists to use its NFT marketplace. A growing group of artists like Irene have leveraged the Bakery Gallery to showcase their artworks. In this light, BakerySwap, with its innovative Bakery Gallery, remains the number one platform creating NFT awareness worldwide. With more artists likely to feature in the coming weeks, we expect the protocol to keep attracting upcoming and sophisticated artists across the NFT space. 

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