BakerySwap Drops Anniversary NFTs in Bakery Gallery Featuring 12 Artists

BakerySwap celebrates its first anniversary with a special NFT event featuring 12 top artists with unique designs.

BakerySwap Celebrates First Anniversary With Special NFT Event

BakerySwap is celebrating its first anniversary by launching a special Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) event on its Bakery Gallery, featuring twelve top artists. 

The event features top artists from BakerySwap in a special 3D NFT showdown where users get to bid and win one official Bakery Anniversary NFT. BakerySwap announced the event on 14th September via Twitter, underlining the Bakery Anniversary NFT. 

“#BakeryAnniversary Special 3D #NFT event with Top Artists is NOW LIVE Visit: BONUS: The winners of the bids will get also 1 official #BakeryAnniversary #NFT,” BakerySwap tweeted. 

The twelve featured artists by the Automate Market Maker (AMM) and NFT protocol on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), portray their imagination inspired by the “Doughnut.” The Doughnut is the iconic logo of the BSC-based protocol. Each artist designs their 3D NFTs, using their unique styles to offer renditions of the doughnut from their perspective. 

BakerySwap’s Twitter announcement | Source

A Promising Start

The NFT event, hosted on the Bakery Gallery, recorded sales moments after launch, according to BakerySwap’s tweet on 14th September. 

“Amazing work! We have already 3 #NFTs SOLD. New owners will receive also a #BakeryAnniversary #NFT for free. Still very good pieces available! Check @CustomHorror for example. Impressive,” BakerySwap replied to CustomHorro’s tweet. 

CustomHorror is one of the top artists on Bakery Gallery. Custom creates artworks based on happy, dark, nonsensical, and grotesque intuitions. The other featured artists include Sergi Stamp, Cookie Munster, CoralCorp, Aightek, Muwasha, Irene Cerezo, Hamid, Mr Anderson, Nes100pro, Accard1, and Gerz. 

Special 3D piece for Bakery Anniversary crafted with Cinema 4D & Octane Render by Sergi Stamp | Source

The event is currently ongoing, and you can stand a chance to win one of the free BakerySwap Anniversary NFTs by bidding for any of the Doughnut inspired creations by the top artists. Visit the Bakery Gallery to view Anniversary NFTs and bid using $BAKE. 


BakerySwap is a BSC-based decentralized finance protocol offering one of the best rewards programs around. It works as a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), utilizing the Automated Market Maker (AMM) functionality to make the trading experience worthwhile. The platform has an NFT gallery and marketplace which features artworks created by carefully selected talented digital artists/celebrities.

For more information about BakerySwap and its NFT platform, visit these links:

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