BakerySwap Announces Barking NFT and $BARK Token, Creating a “Memecoin” Ecosystem

Dog and Doggy memes received widespread attention in the boom of the general crypto market. BakerySwap pushes this concept steps further with the recent releases of its meme 3.0 ecosystem around Cryptodoggies and the schedule of $BARK ILO.


Initial Liquidity Offering, or ILO as they are called,  are slightly different from the Initial Dex Offering (IDO). In ILO, the tokens are added directly to the Liquidity Pool (LP), and users can buy the tokens instantly from AMM exchange instead of participating in the IDO launchpad section.

Barking NFT Incoming

BakerySwap recently announced its plan to launch an ILO for its new BARK token. ILOs offer everyone fair participation to buy the tokens. However, the price may likely correct as the earliest buyers are more likely to take profit.

How does the $BARK ILO work?

Purchase of the token will be primarily through the use of the DOGGY token as more liquidity will be added to the DOGGY LP than the BNB LP. Users will be required to connect to the platform to participate.

Total Supply – 10 billion $BARK 

Initial price: 1 BARK – 0.01 DOGGY

Distribution: Team will put 80% of the supply in the BARK-DOGGY liquidity pool (LP), 10% will be added to the BARK-BNB liquidity pool, and 10% for designers, developers & marketing activities.

Token offering  launching time: May 24th, 07:00 AM UTC

What are Barking NFTs and $BARK Tokens?

Ten thousand unique Barking sounds will be added to the Barking NFTs; this will be the world’s first thing as each sound is with a cartoon dog barking animation video created by Bakery’s NFT art community artist.

Watch Video Samples 1 and 2

The concept will be backed using $BARK tokens, a stand-alone token that allows users to buy Barking NFTs and listen to the Barking sound. The token metrics will be such that every time the users play a Barking sound, a small cost will be charged and sent to charity – an animal-related NGO.

The team embedded charity into the token as 80% of the $BARK spent this way will be donated, and the remaining 20% will be burned to benefit the community. Both communities, the BakerySwap meme ecosystem community and the real dog community get to benefit from it.

Meme 3.0 around CryptoDoggies

What makes $BARK and Barking NFT unique as they further strengthen the entire Doggy ecosystem; both Crypto Doggy NFTs and the Barking NFTs are combined to generate extra collectible value and rewards. $DOGGY token will be utilized and burned during this process. The concept will join the trio of real animal(dog) communities, Barking Tokens, and CryptoDoggies in a win-win-win situation.

BakerySwap CryptoDoggies Ecosystem

Cryptodoggies has become an important concept as it adds utility for the first time to dog-related meme concepts and crypto memes in general. While other tokens have nothing other than their communities and hypes, Cryptodoggies are in a better position to compete in the space.

Despite the market turmoil, the ecosystem has achieved a valuation of 30X above its IDO price, with more than 45000 holders in one week after launch. Cryptodoggies meme has been recognized as a leading meme on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) network.

Barking Sound will be added to the Cryptodoggies meme ecosystem as the ILO is only days away.

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