Baked Universe Going Multi-Chain With New NFT Collection

The new NFT collection, Piffle Puffers, is a collection of 4,200 4K/3D NFTs.

New NFT Collection on Ethereum

After a successful Baked Potatoes NFT mint, Baked Universe is about to go multichain with the launch of the second collection, Piffle Puffers on Ethereum.

Liquid BNB, community manager at Baked Universe, said in an announcement blog that this collection will include 4,200 4K, 3D NFTs, created by DefoQ. Minting will cost 0.1 ETH, and each Baked Potato holder will have one allowlist spot for the mint. 

“Our goal isn’t to build a separate ETH Community, we aim to spearhead a successful multi-chain collective of Web3 Enthusiast’s who don’t see chains as borders,” Liquid BNB told BSC News.

The Piffle Puppets will be one of the Baked Universe Comic Series’s main characters and will also appear in future merchandise.


Future Goals

There will be staking for Baked Potato and Piffle Puppet NFTs. When Piffle Puppets are sold out, 10% of the mint funds will be used for holders of Baked Potatoes and another 10% for Piffle Puppets.

Holders in certain areas where cannabis is legal will gain access to cannabis discounts.

A central website will be created where users can view all their characters, mint new ones, and possibly search their web store.

A custom platform will be available to auction off 1/1 of pieces outside of the regular collections. 

According to Liquid BNB, Baked Potato holders from the USA will receive discounts on CBD products, and a similar agreement is under development with Canadian companies.

What is Baked Potatoes:

Baked Potatoes is an NFT collection of 1,000 4K Resolution, 3D Generative Art Pieces on the BNB Chain. Additionally, each NFT holder has exclusive access to Cannabis Educational Communities and Discussions within their ecosystem.

Learn more about Baked Potatoes:

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