Baked Potatoes NFT Mint Sells Out

As of April 20 at 16:20 UTC, 1000 Baked Potato NFTs in 3D and 4K were available to mint, including five 1/1 animations, all have since been minted.

Baked Potatoes Mint Heats up

Baked Potatoes has seen its Non-Fungible Token(NFT) mint sell out in just six days with over 300 holders.

A total of 1000 NFTs in 3D and 4K were made available to mint, including five 1/1 animations on April 20, 16:20 UTC. Baked Potatoes reported via a tweet on April 27 that 100% of the NFTs were minted on the Baked Potatoes and Rareboard sites. The team behind Baked Potatoes is thrilled about the success.

“I’m excited about the State of NFT’s on the Chain as a whole and how we can bring something new and fresh to the table to help aid the growth of everyone around us as well,” Liquid_BSC, Community Manager at Baked Potatoes, told BSC News.


As promised, Baked Potatoes NFTs are now available on the Bull Society NFT platform with 179 listings at a floor price of 0.20 BNB. There is a minters royalty of 6%, a team royalty of 2%, and an additional 2% for holders of Bull NFTs for the listed Baked Potatoes NFTs. Additionally, Baked Potatoes hopes to be listed on other major NFT marketplaces in the near future.

“We are listed exclusively on The Bull Society Marketplace for the first week. This allows our minters to take full advantage of the royalty reward system set up there”, Liquid_BSC further added. “After, we will be on applying and listing on NFTKey, Galler, and of course Pancakeswap!” 

Baked Potatoes began not only as an NFT platform but also as a platform where people with shared interests could get together and share their skills. In order to meet these needs, baked Potatoes will host Discord spaces for community members, also known as ‘Masterclasses,’ where members can exchange knowledge and learn from one another.

“Using education as a way to empower your community is a very underutilized value of NFTs, and we are here to scream and shout about it until we are blue in the face,” Liquid_BSC shared with BSC News.  

Baked Potatoes wants to build a strong community around shared interests by bringing a unique collection of NFTs to the BNB chain. The NFT community is also a part of the Binance NFT Growth Alliance (BNGA). According to Liquid_BSC, Baked Potatoes looks forward to working together to “elevate the chain as a whole.” 

With more projects continuing to reap the benefits of BNB chain’s speed and affordability, the NFT ecosystem on the BNB Chain is growing rapidly. With projects like Baked Potatoes looking to take full advantage of the ecosystem, the future of NFTs on the BNB chain looks promising, as Liquid_BSC says

“Looking to the future, we look forward to maintaining a standard of quality on all fronts and continue to innovate in ways that not only bring both fresh faces to the scene but keep them here.”

What is Baked Potatoes:

Baked Potatoes is an NFT collection of 1,000 4K Resolution, 3D Generative Art Pieces available on the BNB Chain. Additionally, each NFT holder has exclusive access to Cannabis Educational Communities and Discussions within their ecosystem.

Learn more about Baked Potatoes:

Website | Twitter | Discord

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