BabySwap Surpasses PancakeSwap in NFT Sales, Here are Three Reasons Why!

With smart partnerships and a desire for real-life impact, BabySwap has a project that can firmly entrench itself atop the non-fungible token market.

The Growing Baby 

BabySwap has eclipsed PancakeSwap as the top marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) on Binane Smart Chain (BSC). There is finally a platform reaching the same heights as PancakeSwap on BSC. 

BabySwap is currently the only marketplace with a 24-hr trading volume over $1,000, surpassing $3,500 in sales. The platform has seen its seven-day volume skyrocket past all other spaces, according to Treasureland Marketplace


The numbers show impressive growth as the platform has gradually chipped away at the hegemony of PancakeSwap in the sphere. BSC.News published an article this week with a different order in the ranking. 

The flip can be attributed to a number of factors, most notably its ability to partner with burgeoning projects like SafeMars and BabyShark. BabySwap is also riding the wave of the recent UEFA European Football Championships. 

BabySwap has recently incorporated staking and yield farming for users to maximize their gains. The platform partnered with SonixSwap and its token XOS for practical investing. Users can expect to see 2x rewards over the course of 30 days for trading and mining. 

Tangible, Meaningful Change

Over this past week, BabySwap has worked together with SafeMars and BabyShark to release their Non-Fungible Babies (NFB), a custom version of NFTs. Each release sold out in less than half an hour and the popularity is a testament to the growing power of the BabySwap platform. 

BabySwap has begun an initiative they call ‘Mates Meaningful NFB’ which will realize meaningful change from the NFB profits. 

Source: Screenshot from Treasureland, 15 July.

BabySwap has created the BabySwap Charity, which seeks to donate funds to real-life babies in need. These real-life connections are proving to be very successful for many platforms and cryptos. Many projects, like BabyDoge, have begun to enact policies and strategies to make a real impact across the crypto ecosystem.

By partnering with two projects like SafeMars and BabyShark, BabySwap can continue to carve out a niche in the sphere. Users should expect more partnerships as BabySwap has indicated a desire to cooperate with more growing projects to help babies––and cryptos––in need.

Kick and Chase Specialists

BabySwap has also made a series of NFBs for the European Football Championships. The football NFBs feature assets specific to participating teams like champion Italy and quarterfinalists Belgium and Ukraine. 

There are also infant versions of star players like Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and German midfielder Toni Kroos. The football NFBs are currently some of the highest-priced NFBs on the platform. 

The Belgian quarterfinal NFB is listed for sale at 460 BNB or ~$142,508. Cristiano Ronaldo’s star power makes him the most expensive NFB at 100 BNB, or ~$30,980. The power and popularity of football know no bounds.

About BabySwap

BabySwap is the top Automated Market Maker and Non-Fungible Token decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain. It brings a fun and friendly trading experience on top of great project support. 

BabySwap’s token, BABY, trades around $0.07 USD and has a 24-hour trading volume over $30,000 USD. The NFB initiative is one of BabySwap’s core NFT products that focuses on DeFi staking. The platform has also recently incorporated yield farming and liquidity mining to help boost the gains of its users. 

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