BabySwap Launches Metaverse

The Baby Metaverse is a virtual crypto world where users can trade, stake, and earn.

Introducing the Baby Metaverse 

Since inception in June 2021, BabySwap has expanded its ecosystem. The protocol offers numerous services, including a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Trade Mining, Farms, Pools, Non-fungible Babies (NFB), Initial DEX Offering (IDO), and many others to support new projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

During this period (from June till November), the Automated Market Maker (AMM), Non-Fungible Token (NFT), and GameFi platform on BSC has received strong support from the community, BSC, and its partners. As a result, the protocol has expanded its community to over 100,000 users, opened more than 80 pools, and cooperated with 70+ projects to give users the best trading experience. 

With the strong connection with projects, communication with users, numerous protocol integrations, GameFi, and NFTs, BabySwap has evolved in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) within a short period. With this in mind, the protocol is no longer BabySwap alone. It is now the BabySwap Metaverse. 

What is Baby Metaverse? 

The Baby Metaverse is a virtual crypto world powered by Baby’s Avatar, including NFT, AMM, gaming, and many other unique features. In the Metaverse, every user will have their customized Baby characters. In addition, users would trade cryptocurrencies, manage their finances through AMM, cast NFT characters, and enjoy several Baby games. 

The Baby Metaverse is a free virtual crypto world where users can do whatever they want. It will eventually unfold to become a crypto space for every crypto enthusiast to live in, offering users the best experience as they trade, stake, and earn with ease. The Metaverse will work hand-in-hand with other BabySwap features to create a fully detailed landscape that provides opportunities to have fun and earn.

“AMM+NFT+GameFi=Baby Metaverse, and let’s create a pure crypto land! Baby Metaverse is here for you, where users are able to trade, stake, earn, and play in the metaverse. It will be a crypto space for each crypto identity to live,” BabySwap wrote in its monthly summary on 7th November via Medium

The Metaverse map where users can play the game, trade, and earn is currently under development. Check out BabySwap’s Medium to learn more about the Metaverse.

The BabySwap Metaverse map | Source

BabySwap AMM Attracts More Assets

As the BabySwap community continues to grow, the AMM has begun to pull in more assets for investors. BabySwap opened up 9 new boosted farms for users during the month of October alone. Some of these assets are BEP-20, others are from chains like Ethereum, Avalanche, and Solana – adding a whole new layer of diversity for BabySwap farmers.

Along with adding the farms, BabySwap is also adding an organizational feature where farms are sorted by type. This includes Main (mature tokens like BTC, BNB, etc), Innovation (new potential gems), and MVB III (projects from Binance’s MVB program).

Binance Charity and BabySwap Collaborate

In a collaboration with Binance Charity, BabySwap sold 9 new NFBs for charity on Binance NFT. All of the proceeds will be donated to Binance Charity in an effort to battle world hunger for

There were a total of 715 NFBs for auction, each going for 0.1 BNB. The charity auctioned was consigned by BabySwap collaborators XCarnival, Kine Protocol, Monsta Infinite, MoonPot, and Hot Cross.

October was huge for the protocol’s development on BSC. BabySwap worked with Binance NFT to bring staking to its community, allowing users to stake their NFBs in NFB pools. Also, users can now utilize the Binance NFT Marketplace to list their NFBs for sale. 

Baby Gaming

The Crypto You game is perhaps the biggest of the new launches. The Crypto You is based around a series of 12 Mystery Box NFBs that were released in September. Each of the 12 boxes contained a character that will be represented in the game. Stay tuned to BabySwap socials to learn more about this exciting addition to their Metaverse!

Closing Thoughts 

BabySwap will continue its development in November by launching “The Crypto You” card game and other Baby-themed Games, integrating the Smart Router to its AMM platform to offer a better trading experience, launching the Bottle Feature to allow users to decide on the best projects, and many others. 

The Baby Metaverse is a brilliant achievement by the protocol. With the innovation, the BabySwap team hopes to build a future for users to enjoy the best gaming experience, while staking and trading. The BabySwap team has one goal: to become the best AMM+NFT+GameFi DEX on BSC for promising projects. 

About BabySwap

BabySwap is an AMM+NFT DEX for newborn projects on the Binance Smart Chain. The protocol offers many unique features such as trade mining, USDT Route, newly added Grants for project development, and an NFT ecosystem. 

In essence, BabySwap is a DEX that provides a more friendly trading experience and better support for upcoming projects in the BSC space. 
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