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“The best AMM+NFT DEX for newborn projects on #BSC. Trade Mining, USDT Route, Growth Funds, and NFT Ecosystem”

Andrew:Welcome @babyswap_Aurait is nice to have you here!

Baby A:

Hello guys! So happy tohave this AMA and share with you


Yes we are happy you couldjoin and a huge thank you to everyone that is here viewing this 😄

So to start things off…

1. What has led you todevelop Baby Swap? Can you explain about your background and how didyou come up with a baby themed platform?

Baby A:

Well, the name BabySwapcomes from our initial reflections and vision. We believe that Defiought to be the finance service that is easy for everyone toparticipate in, for both individual and professional users. While nowthe situation is, your capital has determined how profitable you are,and similarly, the capital a project can raise determines theirpublic exposure, which in turn affects the value of the project.

This makes a threshold forDefi. Newborn projects usually lack experience or initial capital, sowe position BabySwap as the best Dex and asset management choice fornewborn projects on Binance Smart Chain.

We aim to provide a morefriendly trading experience and more supportive services. We hope tooffer baby projects and baby users a more easy-to-use platform fortrading, coin listing, promoting, and even value growth.


Oh okay I see! At first Ijust thought it was a cute theme to go with but of course there’s adeeper level of meaning. So the baby theme itself embodies what yourproject is trying to accomplish in the sense that you are trying tohelp the “newborn” projects ?

Baby A:

We felt that our model isvery much like a baby wonderland and that’s how the theme “Baby”came. One baby can have enormous potential and strength, and this iswhat we initially visioned and hoped to offer🤓


Exactly, because as weknow babies are our future and in this case… the future of DeFi

2. In your docs, yousay that Baby Swap is the best AMM+NFT dex for new projects on BSCand that you provide a friendlier trading experience as well asproject support. Why is that?

Baby A:

Well I have alreadymentioned this. Our team believes that the product and service is thecore.

First is the exchangeroute. Unlike other AMM DEX on BSC, our exchange route is mostlyUSDT, not BNB or BUSD. We also encourage users to add liquidity toUSDT pairs and ALT/USDT  Farm.

This will make thearbitrage path between DEX and CEX smoother and economical.

Another innovation is theBottle growth fund which will support projects to have a betterdevelopment.

So that is it.


Great, so all in all yougive users of your platform a kind of seamless and most user friendlyexperience that you can give

Touching on the bottlegrowth it leads me into my next question

3. So your platform hasyield farms, but what are snack pools and milk bottles? How do youfeel as though these features make your project unique?

Baby A:

Brought up about projectsupport and Bottle. Here is how it works.

0.05% of the trading feewill be bought back into BABY each week as the Bottle growth fund.

We expect to open theBottle segment in late June. Users will be able to vote with BABY tosupport their favorite projects, and the top five winners each weekwill share the growth fund of that week.

So the Bottle also feedsthe “baby” projects. Meanwhile, this also contributes tothe steady rise of BABY’s price.

🍼Milk bottle isthe best for babies, isn’t it?


Yes it is haha!

So before I touch more onyour token…

4. Can you explain moreabout your native token BABY for the viewers who may not be aware?

Baby A:

Of course. BABY is thecore token that powers the BabySwap ecosystem.

Users will earn BABY fromTrade Mining, Yield Farms, Snack Pools, or buy it through theexchange.

Then its use casesexplore:

-Stake it in Snack Poolsto earn free tokens

-Use it in Yield Farms toearn more BABY

-Vote in Bottles to helpprojects win growth fund


Wow so there are many usesfor your token if I am understanding this correctly

You can stake it, use itin yield farms, have governance, provide support for baby projectsand you will even have a buyback program that raises the price of $BABY

Baby A:

That’s very accurate


5. However, is yourtoken deflationary and in addition to the buy back, will youperiodically initiate a burn?

Baby A:

We take deflationseriously. 0.05% of the trading fee will buy back BABY and burn. Moreburning ways will be released with the features launched.


Got it, glad to see thatthere are plans for even more ways to mitigate deflation

6. I also see that youmentioned a feature called “Trade Mining” . Can you explain whatthat is to the viewers?

Baby A:

Trade Mining meansBabySwap users will earn BABY every time they exchange. 40% of BABY’stotal supply can be earned by trade mining.

Trade Mining will beavailable at 7,947,563 block height, around 14:00 June 2nd (UTC).

There are 28 trading pairsavailable for trade mining, which is also the same as our farms.


So by simply exchanging,users will earn BABY?

Baby A:

That’s right


What a concept ! 😅🤩

7. What is your“Daycare” feature? Why is it important for users to utilize thisfeature?

Baby A:

Daycare is what we callILO — Initial Liquidity Offering, where you add your token’sliquidity to BabySwap for 24 hours to earn BABY.

It is live now, btw😆

The BABY token isinitially offered through the liquidity-adding process, and theparticipants will become the first BABY holders.

The initial offering is10,000,000 BABY, and the initial price of BABY is 0.1 USD.

The distribution list canbe checked as follows:


So to earn BABY initially,users must be providing liquidity for any of those tokens listed?

Baby A:

Yes, add liquidity andearn BABY


Wonderful, I hope viewersright now are looking forward to that soon!

However on a more seriousnote.

8. With so manyprojects on BSC getting attacked by bad actors within the DeFicommunity, how will you reassure users that they are safe using yourplatform?

Baby A:

BabySwap team gets all thesecurity concerns.

To be honest, our basicfunctions (swap, farm, & pool) forked PancakeSwap, since they arethe most secure in the BSC ecosystem. We have developed innovativefunctions on top of that and have passed the CertiK audit process.

So you can trade and stakein BabySwap in a secured way.


That is great to hearespecially with so many security concerns surrounding the DeFicommunity today.

Now back to something morelight-hearted….

We are talking aboutbabies after all!

9. I  see that yourplatform will mint Baby NFTs, how many do you plan on creating andwill most be based on famous public figures such as athletes, actorsetc?

Baby A:

We take NFT as one of ourmost valuable elements. As a People’s DEX, we want to explore theinfinity limit of the crypto world by providing various types ofassets, including newborn projects and NFT.

So, we have this amazingbrand image, and we are going to make it in different NFT series.

Our ultimate goal is tobuild the bridge for Crypto worlds and arts outside of the crypto:

*Crypto: BEP20, focuses onnewborn projects; shared NFT to be innovative

*Outside of Crypto:BEP721, link others to the crypto world – BABY BOSS is our bestbridge out

We also applied forBinance NFT’s Innovative creator program. Yesterday, we tweeted aboutour Baby BTC and Baby CZ 🤣


Yeah that is awesome! Isaw your CZ NFT and thought it was an amazing idea!

Baby A:

Haha. Except for on-chainNFT with mystery boxes involved, we also plan to produce off-chainproducts and add the holder’s address on it, to make it the specialone.

Series we plan to have inJune:

– Crypto representatives

– Career representatives

– Animals representatives

– Countriesrepresentatives

– Signs representatives

– Festivalsrepresentatives

– Personal-tailoredrepresentatives

– Cooperationrepresentatives


That is exciting, lookingforward to seeing all of those!

So I guess we could saythat NFTs are a big part of your platform

Baby A:



10. In the BSCecosystem that has so many established platforms, what do you feelare your disadvantages and advantages by launching a new project intothe market?

Baby A:

Our advantages areconvenience and low cost.

The basic features are thesame as PancakeSwap — swap, farms, and pools. Besides, BabySwapalso has some innovative optimization and support services.

Except for Trade miningand Bottle funding we mentioned, Tether (USDT) route is another bigadvantage.

Unlike other AMMdecentralized exchanges on Binance Smart Chain, our recommended routeis Tether (USDT), not Binance Coin (BNB) or Binance USD (BUSD).Arbitrage between BabySwap and other DEXs or CEXs can cost muchcheaper

Our disadvantage might beentering the market late, but I think it’s a bitter-sweet situation.We are confident in our strategy.😉


Yeah in your case I candefinitely see how entering the market late has allowed you and yourteam to refine the platform and see what components work well withoutputting your platform at risk of underperforming

Baby A:

Right. Learn from thepioneers and build upon it.


Onto the last questionbefore the second round which entails me opening the room to allowfor the audience to ask their questions

11. Finally, are thereany big exciting announcements you have for our viewers today?

Baby A:

That must be the BABY ILO

Our ILO is already online,so you could stake your token-USDT LPs to earn BABY’s initialoffering.

The initial price is 0.1USD, and there are 252 ILO different tokens available, so I bet ouraudience must have one or more of them in hand.

More importantly, afterthe ILO, our snack pool will be open. You can stake BABY to earn BABYwith a high APR.

Also, our trade mining andfarms will be open, so there are lots of fun. Hold your BABY, havethe faith, BABY 100x to the moon.🔥🔥


Exciting!! 🚀🚀🚀

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