BabySwap 1st Anniversary: AMM+NFT+Web 3 MetaFi Project On BSC

BabySwap is a decentralized exchange that offers an automated market-maker system (AMM).

BabySwap’s Anniversary

BabySwap is a DEX that aims to make non-fungible tokens (NFTs) easier to use as well as offering an automated market-maker system (AMM). 

The DEX was launched on June 1, 2021 with Swap, Farm, Pool released as the first few features of the platform. This was followed by the introduction of BabyMetaFi, i.e., AMM+NFT+GameFi. 

The project is now approaching its one-year anniversary and looking back at the growth of the firm in the past year, the project has performed quite well it seems.

As a part of new entertaining wealth in MetaFi, GamePad was introduced to investors and projects as well. Baby GamePad provides investment, issuance, DeFi, funds, promotion, and other services for GameFi projects.

Under Baby MetaLabs, investments in Web3 Infra, DeFi Protocols, GameFi, and SocialFi, to help with initial offering, marketing, liquidity, etc. were announced. 

In the past one year, BabySwap has achieved numerous milestones. 

BabySwap Hit Major Milestones With Following Features


With BabySwap, users can instantly swap tokens without any need to register or make an account. 

USDT route: Project’s recommended swap route is USDT, not BNB or BUSD, unlike other AMM decentralized exchanges on the BNB Chain. Arbitrage between BabySwap and other decentralized or centralized exchanges can be significantly less expensive.

Lower fees: BabySwap is built on the BNB Chain blockchain, which has significantly lower transaction fees than Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Decentralized: BabySwap, unlike centralized exchanges like Binance, does not retain users’ funds while they trade, which means that they own 100% of their holdings and can trade directly from their wallets.


With BabySwap, users can earn the ecosystem’s native token BABY along with other tokens for free with high-interest rates. Here are some of the amazing ways to earn on BabySwap:

Snack Pools: Users can stake BABY in Snack Pools to earn free tokens

Yield Farms: Users can use BABY in Yield Farms to earn more BABY

Trade Mining: Users can get BABY as rewards with every token swipe on BabySwap

Trading fees: Users can earn trading fees when they stake their tokens in Liquidity Pools (LPs), similar to other AMM DEXs.


GamePad provides investment, issuance, DeFi, funds, promotion, and other services for GameFi projects. For projects applying to join GamePad, BabySwap offers:

Investment:Investment of funds to support the early development of the project

Issuance:Help the game to carry out the initial sale of assets, including Initial Farm Offerings and Initial NFT Offerings

DeFi:Provide DeFi services for governance tokens (BEP 20) and game assets (BEP 721), including Exchange, Staking, and more

Fund:For projects with excellent performance, growth funds will be provided for project construction

Promotion:Resource support, including but not limited to marketing, security, community, media, CEX exchange, and more

You can mint limited mystery boxes with BNB at the initial offering price, and then redeem to gaming NFT in the Game Boxes page, or trade in NFT Market.

You can stake BABY-USDT LP to get a token share at the initial offering price. In the end, the project gets BABY-USDT LP, you will get the tokens.


The playground is the BABY’s paradise. BbaySwap has many different types of games, such as prediction, vaults, payment, NFT minting, yield farm, and so on.


Babies can participate in a variety of activities and receive extra benefits in addition to the usual staking and exchange. Babies now have a board where they may get information on current activities as well as claim rewards for previous activities.


Being one of the most secure and transparent projects, BabySwap offers Github open source to its users. The project has secured approval from big names like security-focused ranking platform CertiK.

Following Products Were Introduced


BabySwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) with the decentralized exchange being the heart of the ecosystem. The project enables users to trade without getting registered or controlled by any centralized authority.

Users can easily swap tokens with a strong liquidity pool. However, the BabySwap exchange only works when there is enough liquidity to support trades. If a user provides liquidity, it gets LP Tokens, which in turn let them earn rewards in the form of trading fees for maintaining liquidity for the exchange. Users may put their LP tokens to work whipping up some fresh yield on the Yield Farms while still receiving their 0.15% trading fee incentive, making being a liquidity provider even more beneficial.

When a user trades on the BabySwap exchange, they get BABY rewards on every swap. However, they have to pay a 0.30% trading fees, which is broken as:

0.15% – Return to liquidity pools in the form of a fee reward for liquidity providers.

0.05% – Buyback BABY for burning.

0.05% – Distributed to vBABY holders as USDT dividends.

0.05% – Buyback BABY and distribute to all vBABY holders.

Smart Router, which is the key of AMM, allows users to trade all BEP 20 tokens on BabySwap with better slippages. Using a solid algorithm, Smart router chooses the best route for users on the BNB chain.


Users can earn BABY or other tokens on BabySwap by staking Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens. Liquidity pools create LP tokens by the addition of coins to provide liquidity.

Each farm has its own APR, which is determined by the value of LP tokens, reward multiplier, and token price. Farming offers better returns than Pools, but it also carries the risk of Impermanent Loss.


BabySwap offers two types of pools that are the simplest way to earn free tokens on the platform. 

BABY Pool: Users stake BABY to earn Altcoins

Snack Pool: Users stake altcoin to earn BABY or Altcoin

BabySwap also offers an Auto BABY Pool feature where users stake BABY in the pool and the system will automatically compound (reinvested) their funds, minus a small fee.

NFT Ecosystem

BabySwap has launched a comprehensive NFT ecosystem, including NFB (Non-Fungible BABY), Profile System, Marketplace, Toy Figure, among others. The BabySwap NFT Market is a BNB chain dedicated to discovering, collecting, and selling NFTs (BEP 721).

Non-Fungible BABY (NFB): It is a cryptographically generated set of unique and immutable digital Baby figures. Each series of NFB has a predetermined face value in BABY and can be stored in a wallet, staked in NFB mining, or traded in the market.

The BABY Token

Residing on BNB Chain, BABY is the core utility native token that powers the BabySwap ecosystem. A user can simply earn BABY by trade mining, yield farming, and snack pools. Here are some of its solid use cases:

Users can use BABY in Snack Pools and Yield Farms to earn more BABY

Users can vote in Bottles to help projects win growth fund

Users can participate in IFO Token Sales

BABY has the following supply burning mechanisms:

0.05% of every trade made on BabySwap

2% of every yield harvest in the Auto BABY Pool

1% of every NFT sale in the game market

10% of BABY minting, leveling up fee in the game

BABY Tokenomics

vBABY token

vBABY, which is also built on the BNB chain, is the VIP membership of BabySwap and aims to earn more benefits for users. It is minted by BABY in the ratio of 100:1.

Here are some of the rewards associated with vBABY:

Share vBABY: Every block brings 4 BABY, which is distributed to vBABY holders in the form of vBABY

Trading fee: Interestingly, 0.05% of the user’s trading volume is decided to be distributed to vBABY holders in the form of vBABY

NFT market trading fee: 2% of the NFT market trading volume is decided to be distributed to vBABY holders in the form of vBABY

vBABY redeem fee: 50% of vBABY redeem fees will be distributed to vBABY holders in the form of vBABY

Referral reward: Users can invite their friends to get 10% vBABY minted by them. 

USDT dividend: 0.05% of BabySwap trading volume is allocated in USDT as daily-allocated dividends. It will be distributed as per the redeemable vBABY amount.

What Has BabySwap Planned For The Future?

With some last minute changes being done to the roadmap to include additional features, BabySwap soon introduce the following:

Stake Upgrade (Stake ALT LP Earn ALT, Stake ALT Earn ALT)

X (Related to trade)

NFT Market Upgrade

DID (My assets, personal info)

Baby Club

With announcement of the Baby 2.0, the following things can be expected: 

Club: Baby’s core members learn and earn together. This is more than sharing profits of BabySwap, but you will be able to have real business with us.

Tokenomic Adjustment

Better Utility and BuyBack


BabySwap aims to become an all-time one DeFi, Metaverse, and GameFi platform. The platform is already celebrating its one year anniversary and we have pointed out the rapid expansion of the platform in the past year. To learn more, check the links below:





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