BABYFEG – Charity, Yields, and More

The project from the FEG community seeks to offer a multi-faceted investment platform that benefits global charity causes.

Introducing BABYFEG

Two developers from the resourceful FEG community have launched their own token, BABYFEG. Their vision is to give investors a two-fold investment opportunity and to do good in the world.

How BABYFEG Innovates

Taking advantage of the yield-generating contracts token hype, these two developers have applied this concept to the FEG token. Their goal is to both introduce FEG to the meme coin community, and to also provide a unique market that itself can grow and generate wealth. It’s an ambitious bet that aims to appeal to a mix of new and experienced investors alike.

The Benefits of BABYFEG

BABYFEG is a win-win project for both the FEG and BABYFEG communities.  BABYFEG provides great value to the FEG community through its yield-generating contract. The development team encourages its community to stake their FEG rewards and to take full advantage of the passive income that is earned in the FEG ecosystem. Additionally every $BBFEG transaction purchases FEG tokens of which 1% of the amount is burned, and 1% is redistributed to all the FEG holders, according to the FEG contract. BABYFEG is helping FEG  become a sustainable and decentralized way to achieving financial freedom.  


Where BABYFEG Will Be Listed

BABYFEG itself has great potential to grow, and will be listed on the FegEx exchange when the FegEx auto-deployer is completed. Their contract is solid, rug-proof, and they take great pride in providing a SAFU market for their investors. Additionally the liquidity is locked and untouchable. They’ve also been successfully audited by both TechAudit and Dessert Finance, and to further build trust the whole team has doxxed themselves to Dessert Finance.  

BABYFEG Donations Wallet

A charity wallet with 2% of the BABYFEG supply has been created for donations to real and active charity organizations who can make a difference in our world.  Discussions are ongoing with various organizations who support the causes that are important to the BABYFEG community. BABYFEG desires to support those charities that are fighting bravely to save animals from extinction!  Specifically they will not only give money to this cause, but also to give all the exposure they can to these organizations.

The BABYFEG Community

BABYFEG is a community of people who are maximizing the usefulness of the crypto space.  BABYFEG’s desire is to see real people create passive income and also to see real animals rescued from extinction. As a result, they could be a force to be reckoned with in the meme coin world for a long time.

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