BabyDogeSwap Surges to New ATH in TVL

BabyDogeSwap has one of the best weeks on BNB Chain that helped bring it to a new heights!

Baby Doge Swap Locks in $50M

Baby Doge Swap is crushing the transition week into February, rising over 34% in Total Volume Locked (TVL) to a new all-time high of over $50 million.

The Baby Doge Team was quick to celebrate the occasion on Twitter where it further pointed out that its TVL had surpassed rival memecoin Shiba Inu’s ShibaSwap on Ethereum. Baby Doge Swap soared past ShibaSwap this week, outpacing the Ethereum competitor by 16% this week, according to DefiLlama.

Baby Doge Swap has outpaced nearly every single other Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on BNB Chain in terms of volume growth in the last 30 days. The DEX grew nearly 65% since January, second to only Thena Finance which had its own massive month pushing over $100M in TVL.

Baby Doge Swap has also recently announced the launch date for its Burn Portal. The DEX will debut the new Burn Portal on February 13 which will allow users to burn $BABYDOGE tokens and buy new tokens at a discounted rate.

Token burns have the potential for creating price action, but the supply of Baby Doge tokens suggests a significant wave of burning will be required for any price effect.

There is also a giveaway of $500 happening for the Burn Portal launch.

What is Baby Doge Swap:

Baby Doge Swap is the acclaimed “son” of the popular meme token, DOGE. Baby Doge Swap started out as Baby Doge Coin and is a hyper-deflationary system that progressively increases its scarcity and increases its liquidity. The project is now a fully Decentralized Exchange with swaps, liquidity pools, yield farming, and more. Baby Doge considers its primary utility as building a fun meme community to spread awareness of animal adoption.

Where to find Baby Doge Swap:

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