BabyDogeCoin Plans to Giveaway First-Ever NFT After 1 Million Holders

The BabyDogeCoin competition will be held on Twitter and will require users to complete a few quick tasks to qualify.

First BabyDoge NFT

BabyDogeCoin plans to giveaway its first NFT plus $10,000 of BabyDoge. The move will come as part of the company’s celebrations of reaching 1 million address holders. At present BabyDogeCoin is a little short of that figure, sitting at 946,384.

With just over 50,000 addresses to go, however, users will have to get their entries in shortly to qualify before the 1 million finish line is crossed. The competition will be conducted on Twitter.

To enter:

Follow @BabyDogeCoin

Retweet this tweet & comment #BabyDoge below

Make this below image your Twitter profile picture

While the number of unique addresses using BabyDogeCoin is about to reach 1 million, BabyDogeCoin has been performing well on social media too. The company recently hit 450,000 follows on Twitter as the popularity of the dog-themed memecoin continues to rise.

The image users must make their Twitter profile pic to enter | Source

About BabyDogeCoin

BabyDogeCoin was designed as a hyper-deflationary asset that has better transaction speed and automatically rewards its holders with a 5% redistribution for each transaction. BabyDoge is a community-based platform on the Binance Smart Chain. It has grown exponentially since its inception and has a slightly different aspiration, centered on animal-based charities.   

To find out more about the popular BabyDoge, you can visit these official BabyDoge links: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Reddit

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