BabyDogeCoin Celebrates 3 Month Birthday After 2.1 Quadrillion Burn

BabyDogeCoin has lit anniversary celebrations with a huge burn and looks back on important accomplishments.

Baby Burn Celebrations

BabyDoge is no stranger to token burns, having already implemented a 250 Trillion burn. But the timing of this latest and more significant burn follows significant celebrations. 

The team behind BabyDoge is quick to highlight that there is indeed much to celebrate, even in the short space of time the project has been active. The team has been focused on real-world implementation and has consistently burned its tokens in an attempt to repay hodlers.

“In August we: 1st on crypto cup, Featured in @Yahoo + more, $100,000 donation and partnership with @bestfriends, @NASCAR_Xfinity race, @OKEx listing + 3 more listings, Bridged to Okex Chain, Finished ethereum bridge (audit ready) + MORE,” the extensive list was communicated by the team via Twitter on September 1st.

Even in the excitement, it is critical to remain grounded. CoinMarketCap initially listed BabyDogeCoin’s circulation at around 420 quadrillion. In other words, there’s plenty more left to burn.


Consolidating Early Success

Even if we look beyond that jam-packed August, BabyDoge racked up 500,000 users by the end of July. Initially posited as a ‘meme-coin,’ the familiar moniker has done nothing but attract further attention as BabyDoge continues to make significant strides. 

The early success it has enjoyed is coupled with the fact the team was willing and capable of utilizing the initial meme-coin hysteria.  

After hitting all targets initially mapped out in the first four phases of their road map, they are quickly gaining a reputation. The most important targets are always user-related and are dependent on huge variables–– like a sly mention from one Mr. Musk. 

Still, having achieved these targets, BabyDoge will be looking forward to furthering celebrations ahead. 


What is BabyDoge?

BabyDoge is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) cryptocurrency meme coin, which started as a play on Dogecoin. BabyDoge became incredibly popular when Elon Musk tweeted out his ‘support’ for BabyDoge. The tweet propelled Baby Doge front and center into the mainstream meme coin communities. Since then, the platform has seen tremendous growth. 

The BabyDoge token, although being considered a meme coin, is now popular and well known for its charitable donations to help homeless dogs. The platform goes above and beyond by also implementing a charity-based token comic system. 

BabyDoge’s charity-based tokenimic system has a charity crypto wallet that receives token redistributions. Their charity wallet is then specifically designed to have funds used to support BabyDoge’s charitable partners. 

We sure bet you would love to know more about BabyDoge. Visit these official BabyDoge links: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Reddit 

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