BabyDoge Teases First Group of NFTs on Twitter

Eleven NFTs have been teased by the protocol so far, and few details have emerged about the release.

BabyDoge Coin NFTs Teased

BabyDoge Coin has teased its community with the first renditions of the NFTs to drop from the increasingly popular meme-coin. 

The first tweets emerged on Nov. 19th, showing ten different baby dodge variations. There were nine NFTs teased in a single tweet showing different baby doges in varying apparel, each with a distinct edginess. The community was teased with a single Grandma doge first.

“10,000 NFTs even your grandma will appreciate #BabyDoge,” the official account tweeted.


The demand from BabyDoge fans and the Binance Smart chain is apt to be very strong for these NFTs. The look and feel already give the collection a cool and attractive feel; it’s easy to see the team did not settle for a poor style. Again, it’s more generative, but the team appears to be asking for some inspiration.

“What’s your favorite? Also, what themes would you like to see for our NFTs?” the protocol tweeted to the Community.

Few details have emerged about the release for the NFT– an eleventh NFT was teased on Nov. 22nd.  We’ll see if the BabyDoge community has enough power to kickstart the NFT community on Binance Smart Chain. The lovable token continues to perform well on social metrics, we’ll see if that translates to an NFT frenzy. Hopefully, release details come out soon, and we’ll have a solid and simple mint process. 

BabyDoge also recently completed its bridge to Ethereum and is now available on UniSwap. A move like this should usher in added liquidity to the token.

What is Baby Doge?

Baby Doge Coin is the self-declared ‘son’ of DogeCoin. As we reported earlier this month, Baby Doge aims to set itself apart as the hyper-deflationary pooch of the Doge family. The token also incorporates a similar tokenomic mechanism to SafeMoon, with 5% or each transaction redistributed to token holders.

Visit these official Baby Doge links for more information:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Reddit 

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