Baby Doge Teases Wrapped Tesla with Custom Livery for Next Giveaway

The prospect of winning a brand new Tesla has ignited the imagination of the Baby Doge community.

Win a Tesla

Baby Doge has acquired a brand new, 2021 Tesla, and plans to give it away to one lucky community member in an upcoming promotion.

The car will be a one-of-a-kind model, wrapped in a unique Baby Doge Coin livery. The giveaway was announced via the official BabyDogeCoin Twitter on August 6th.

The prospect of winning the electric-powered vehicle is now generating considerable excitement among the Baby Doge community, with the announcement Tweet having now been retweeted almost 10,000 times.

“We have acquired a 2021 @Tesla for our #Tesla giveaway! We will be wrapping it in #BabyDoge theme next so it’s 1 of a kind and then giving it away for FREE to a lucky community member!” announced Baby Doge Coin.

Baby Doge Coin has also created an artist’s impression of what the finished car will look like as part of their efforts to further raise excitement levels. 

The Baby Doge Coin Tesla. Source

At the time of press, the team has yet to confirm exactly how users can apply to win the car. The mystery only seems to have increased anticipation levels on social media and in the Baby Doge Telegram group.

A Mostly Positive Reception

Community members have responded positively to the proposed Tesla design in the official Tweets comments

“Seen the tesla mock-up. Looks good,” one community member said, while another more succinctly put it, “That tesla is sick”.

Not everyone seemed quite as happy with the event, however, with one user seemingly casting doubt on Baby Doge’s ability to fully capitalize on the promotion. 

“The Tesla as itself is great,” they said, “but with the investment comes the marketing and communications part to capitalize on it.”

With the competition now gaining traction both on social media and in the press, it seems any fears in this regard will prove to be unfounded.

About Baby Doge Coin

Baby Doge Coin is the self-declared ‘son’ of Doge Coin. As we reported earlier this month Baby Doge is aiming to set itself apart as the hyper-deflationary pooch of the Doge family. The token also incorporates a similar tokenomic mechanism to SafeMoon with 5% or each transaction redistributed to token holders. 

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