Baby Doge Tackles Roadmap at Full Speed with $100,000 Donation and Tesla Giveaway

Baby Doge unveils its new Tesla acquisition and gives donations in line with its roadmap to support the community.

Baby Doge Donates To Charity 

Baby Doge is making big moves in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem. The community-based coin is working by its roadmap by donating $100,000 to help save dogs. 

Baby Doge is already in the penultimate phase of its roadmap, which features charity donations worth $250,000. With this in mind, the BSC-based protocol announced its partnership with Best Friends to fund the $100,000 donation. The announcement was made on August 21st via Twitter. 

“Saving dogs is at the heart of what @BabyDogecoin is about. Partnering with @bestfriends & donating to help save dogs is a win-win for all the doges! 
You can now donate #Baby Doge coin to help find home for doges!
Send some coin! Save doges!” Baby Doge’s media page, Baby Doge media, Tweeted, calling users to make donations.  

The donation ceremony was held on Facebook on August 21st at 4 pm UTC. What’s more, Baby Doge earlier acquired a 2021 Tesla, according to BSC.News publication on 11th August. The protocol plans to give it away to one lucky community member as part of its charity donations, aligning with its roadmap. 


Baby Doge Teases Tesla Giveaway 

As mentioned above, the protocol acquired a Tesla vehicle for one lucky Baby Doge community member. In addition, a Tweet was made on 19th August, showcasing the exciting prospect of winning an electric car to the public. 

The protocol Tweeted: “Our #Baby Doge  wrapped @Tesla is fully wrapped now and ready for giveaway!”

Currently, the vehicle has not been given out to any lucky winner, nor have the details on how to win been disclosed. However, its unveiling shows that Baby Doge will make an announcement soon. 

About Baby Doge Coin 

Baby Doge Coin is the self-declared ‘son’ of DogeCoin. As we reported earlier this month, Baby Doge aims to set itself apart as the hyper-deflationary pooch of the Doge family. The token also incorporates a similar tokenomic mechanism to SafeMoon, with 5% or each transaction redistributed to token holders.

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