Baby Doge Coin Passes 1 Million Twitter Followers, Trends on Certik

The project has managed to keep its loyal community on board for an extended period in which there has been much success.

Milestone Million Followers for Baby Doge Coin

Baby Doge Coin has seen its ardent community come a long way after finally registering over 1 million followers on Twitter. 

The follower count hit the milestone mark on February 17, prompting the project to also begin trading on Certik alongside heavyweights Binance and Shiba. The team commemorated their considerable achievement via  tweet on the same day.

“Congratulations #BabyDogeArmy we just passed 1 MILLION followers on Twitter! Best community in crypto!” The team enthusiastically exclaimed. 


Having recently unveiled their immersion into the metaverse, Baby Doge Coin shows no signs of slowing down as the project looks to reach new heights. The hope for their team is that they can keep building on their considerable following and begin to translate it into further success in the way of utility. 

The project already began trending on Certik soon after reaching the one million follower milestone and will hope they can do much more.


What is Baby Doge Coin?

Baby Doge Coin is the acclaimed ‘son’ of popular meme token, DOGE. Baby Doge Coin has a hyper-deflationary system that progressively increases its scarcity and increases its liquidity. The project team hopes to ride the momentum of its ‘father’ coin but with faster transactions and enhanced cuteness. 

The Baby Doge Coin project looks out for the welfare of dogs and is actively reaching out to dog shelters & organizations that benefit dogs. Helping rescue as many dogs as possible is its goal.

Where to find Baby Doge Coin:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Instagram | Reddit

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