Baby Doge Coin Lands on CoinGecko, Trends Massively

The lovable dog coin of Binance Smart Chain sees major boost after listing on one of BSC’s most important crypto resource centers.

Baby Doge Rising

CoinGecko has given the green light to verify the market capitalization and token supply of Baby Doge Coin. The listing of Binance Smart Chain’s (BSC) favorite dog coin occurred on October 13 and boosted the token price over 35% in one day, reaching as high as 44% at one point. 

Baby Doge Coin could be benefiting from a general dog coin popularity that was sparked by the recent rise of Shiba Inu. Baby Doge has been on an upward trend for over a week, rising 158% in the week, with the price settling around $0.000000001949, at the time of writing. 

“YOU HAVE SEEN $DOGE PUMP, YOU HAVE SEEN $SHIB PUMP, YOU KNOW THAT #BABYDOGE STILL NEEDS TO PUMP RIGHT,” tweeted @CryptoMonopoly_  on October 12, which was retweeted with premonition by Baby Doge Coin before the big pump.


The price pump following the listing verification caused a mini-Coinbase Effect, a term used for the boost tokens receive as a result of listing on an exchange. Listings on an exchange are a form of acknowledgement for cryptocurrencies and CoinGecko remains a top name for tokens and coins for BSC.

Actions like this will do well to help establish the presence of Baby Doge Coin throughout the BSC network. The coin has so far done well to make a name for giveaways and partnerships but has so far done little to bring utility. Many await the upgrades announced last month to bring added use cases.

What is Baby Doge?

Baby Doge Coin is the self-declared ‘son’ of DogeCoin. As we reported earlier this month, Baby Doge aims to set itself apart as the hyper-deflationary pooch of the Doge family. The token also incorporates a similar tokenomic mechanism to SafeMoon, with 5% or each transaction redistributed to token holders.

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