Baby Doge Appeals to Millions Announcing Wallet, App, Exchange, and Debit Card

Baby Doge launches a massive product suite, including a debit card that promises users to transact Baby Doge with millions of merchants worldwide.

Baby Doge Launches Debit Card 

Baby Doge Coin has recently announced that they plan to launch a debit card, a wallet, an app, an exchange, and more products soon. 

Baby Doge, on September 5th, tweeted out that they would be launching their suite of new products. The product line seems to combat Baby Doge’s issue with establishing partnerships with merchants who would accept Baby Doge as payment. 

“We have been trying to build partnerships with different brands to accept baby doge…we aren’t going to let you spend baby doge with one merchant. Instead, we will let you do it with millions,” Baby Doge wrote in an explanation update post.

Baby Doge looks to add further value to its protocol by implementing and launching this newest product line. Allowing users to purchase products and services with Baby Doge through their Debit Card and features deriving from their product suite will significantly increase the product’s use cases. 


Not So Financially Feasible  

Although paying directly with Baby Doge may sound good in theory, transacting with Baby Doge using a Baby Doge debit card may not be the most financially sound idea. 

A glaring red flag for why investors may avoid wishing to use the Baby Doge Debit Card, the protocol’s most hyped-up product, is because of the 10% transaction tax built into every Baby Doge transaction. 

This 10% fee does not include sales tax or IVA. This means that every transaction paid with Baby Doge will cost the buyer 10% more on top of any other fees or taxes associated with the transaction. 

Baby Doge Tokenomics: Image Taken From Their Website Source

In today’s era, credit cards and other financial instruments tend to offer rewards and financial incentives for purchasing their product, such as cashback or mileage rewards. In the case of Baby Doge, the opposite appears true, where users would lose money on every transaction. 

To put in perspective, if you owed a merchant $10,000 USD, you would have to send him $11,500 USD worth of Baby Doge to pay off your debt entirely. You must satisfy the 10% transaction fee with a $1,150 payment due to Baby Doge’s Tokenomics. After 10% is taken ($1,150), the remaining 90% ($10,000) is sent to the merchant. 

It then makes no financial sense to utilize the Baby Doge credit card over other financial instruments that, at a minimum, incurs zero to little financial loss. Hopefully, Baby Doge offers a caveat or something to make this more enticing. 

More than a Token

It seems now there has become a growing trend of alt-coin protocols implementing new products and services to give their platforms a real reason people should hold and utilize its tokens. This trend is perhaps best exemplified in SafeMoon’s recently failed Wallet launch, where the protocol looked to add real use cases and value through a product suite. 

On the surface, Baby Doge will fair no different with their newest product launch. Alt-coin protocols garner massive hype and attention, but after the hype usually dies. Many alt-coin projects are beginning to feel the market demand for more than just a token with a cute name and tokenomics rewarding the first couple to invest. 

Baby Doge continues to come out with new products and offers to provide tangible, real-world use-cases. Time will tell if Baby Doge’s recent suite of products will fare well against the other alt-coins protocols. 

At the time of writing, $BABYDOGE is down 31% over the last seven days $0.000000000762, at ​​$0.000000000762, according to CoinMarketCap.  The coin is also down 96% from its all-time high. 

What is Baby Doge? 

Baby Doge is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) cryptocurrency meme coin, which started as a play on Dogecoin. Baby Doge became incredibly popular when Elon Musk tweeted out his ‘support’ for Baby Doge.

The tweet propelled Baby Doge front and center into the mainstream meme coin communities. Since then, the platform has seen tremendous growth.

The Baby Doge token, although considered a meme coin, is now popular and well known for its charitable donations to help unhoused dogs. The platform goes above and beyond by also implementing a charity-based token comic system. 

Baby Doge’s charity-based tokenomic system has a charity crypto-wallet that receives token redistributions. Their charity wallet is then specifically designed to have funds used to support Baby Doge’s charitable partners. 

We sure bet you would love to know more about Baby Doge Coin. Visit these official Baby Doge links:

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