Axie Infinity Sets Esports Event Schedule

A total of sixty-one tournaments are scheduled for the first half of 2022.

Axie Esports Begins

Esports takes center stage as the PlayToEarn blockchain project, Axie Infinity, released its Esports Event Schedule.

The schedule contains sixty-one events spread across different global regions scheduled for the first two quarters of 2022. The official Twitter account of Axie Infinity broke the news through Twitter on February 8.

“Axie Esports coming in hot! The schedule for the second Axie Esports AXS Grant is now live, with 61 events that have 6500 $AXS in prizes. Quick breakdown of events: 35% global, 29% latam / SA, 28% SEA / Asia, 8% NA / EU / Other,” Axie Infinity tweeted.


Tournament prizes range from 40 $AXS to 150 $AXS, while the bulk of the regional events are held in South America and Asia. To be able to get considered as part of the Esports grant, organizers must make sure that their tournaments are to be livestreamed in four languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Tagalog.

In its January developers update, the team targeted to distribute 7,500 $AXS over more than seventy five events for the first half of 2022. Though the release said that the will distribute 6500 $AXS over sixty one events, Axie’s head of Esports, Andrew “Zyori” Campbell, announced on the Axie Infinity Discord that they are not counting out the possibility of more events being added.

“The schedule for the second Axie Esports Grant is now live, with 61 events that have 6500 $AXS in prizes! This grant will extend through June, and we will likely add a few more events to the schedule in the coming months,” Zyori said through Discord. “Events supported by this grant are required to provide open qualifiers, which we know many of you are excited about. Individual tournament organizers will be making their own announcements with registration details in the coming days…”

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