Axie Infinity Releases Economic Dev Journal

The team turns to their community for suggestions on how to balance the economy of Lunacia

Economic Journal Focuses On $SLP

Axie Infinity released an economic development journal through substack to update the community about the economy of Lunacia. 

The team behind the PlayToEarn blockchain game released the update through their official twitter account on January 5. The team relayed information on the state of the Lunacian economy, more specifically the economics behind $SLP, and asked for their suggestions on how to better balance the burning and minting mechanisms in the game.

“We’ve put together a blog to share some of our thoughts on the Axie economy and some of the short-term solutions that we are discussing. Many of them are in-line with suggestions we’ve seen directly from the community!” Axie Infinity tweeted.


$SLP was released in December of 2019 as a utility token players need to burn in order to breed Axies. In 2021, $SLP burnt has increased by over 500x or 50,000%, but the minting of the utility token has always outpaced its burning and even increased by 160x in 2021. This has caused inflation of $SLP which isn’t sustainable for Lunacia.

Economic Fixes

The Dev Journal highlights the fact that the Sky Mavis team has been listening to the Axie community and is considering several short term fixes to the $SLP economy. Some of these suggestions come from the community, while others have been carefully considered by the team. The team also stressed the point that everyone must exert caution when dealing with the economy of Lunacia as it is a very complex system.

Some of the supply side suggestions highlighted were an SLP rewards rebalance for daily quests, PvP, and PvE game modes, giving a higher portion of the in-game rewards in AXS through the leaderboard rewards while reducing SLP rewards in high MMR pvp wins, and a clamp down on botting techniques to reduce SLP minting through bots.

On the demand side, the team mentioned an Axie burning mechanism to stimulate the demand for $SLP through an increased demand to breed Axies, and an SLP community buyback through the marketplace.

The team mentioned that these are only some of the fixes they’re considering based on their research and through community feedback. They encourage more members of the community to give their insight on the economics behind $SLP by using the hashtag #AxieEconBalance on twitter.

A New Feature Teased

Source: Discord

In a rare appearance on the general chat of the official Axie Discord group on January 7, Jeffrey Zirlin, popularly known as Jihoz and the growth lead of the Axie Infinity team, hinted on a release of a feature that is an experimental Axie sink. The feature could come  earlier than their planned third version of the Axie battle system.

On January 5th, Jihoz also replied in a very cryptic way to one of the posts for the #AxieEconBalance, that echoed the same tune.

“Could we “stake” our axies by sending them out on missions. These missions could have variable length of duration with scaling rewards and could cost $SLP to enter.” tweeted user mystic_scholars while including a thread elaborating his suggestion.

“Missions they will never return from, yes” replied Zirlin.

Read the Economic Dev Journal to learn more about the state of the Axie Economy.

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