Axie Infinity Opens Season 19 of the Axie Arena

The rewards pool for the current season has been updated to 3000 AXS, valued at around $400,000. Ready for season 19!

Axie Gets Ready to Rumble!

Axie Infinity opened Season 19 at around 09:00 UTC on November 11, and the new season will last for the next six weeks. For this season, Axie infinity players’ Match Making Rating (MMR) reverted to the standard 1200 as competition in the Axie Arena gets underway. $400,000 worth of AXS comprises the prize pool and will be distributed to the top 1000 players at the end of season 19. 

In a Twitter space conversation, Becoming the Impossible, hosted by Brycent (@brycent_) and Ajay (@AJAYx2), Axie Co-Founder Jiho, spoke of increasing rewards that will follow a pre-determined 65-month path, according to their whitepaper.

“We’re just using a small percentage of the total potential rewards right now…They’ll increase at the top, but I think they’ll also be broader, so we got more of the community involved. Imagine if the top 10% of the leaderboard was able to earn AXS. I think this is something we want to be able to push towards in the future,” Jiho told Brycent and Ajay on November 11.

Season 19 is another gift to the community in what has been a flurry of updates released by the Axie Infinity team, all to the excitement and anticipation of all Lunacians. Earlier, Sky Mavis released a mobile version of their Ronin Wallet and released the long-awaited decentralized exchange of the Ronin network Katana


Card Rebalancing Ahead of Season 19

Along with the season 19 announcement, the Axie Infinity team also changed some of the current in-game metas. The team rebalanced certain cards that dominated in the previous seasons. 

The team also looked at various system data elements related to player usage and win rates of certain cards and applied an internal formula to balance these moves. 

“Whenever we’re looking to balance things, we want to make the game more interesting [and] more exciting. Get rid of some cheesy combos that we see [are] overly prevalent in the current meta and elevate things that we think would be interesting or being underutilized perhaps because of a lack of stats…We always want to see [a] large portion of the card base to be viable…We’re generally looking to make things more fun,” Jiho surmised on ‘Becoming the Impossible.’

The rebalancing did just that to most of the cards that dominated within teams in season 18, where the team buffed some cards that trainers wouldn’t initially pick up. 

Another big rebalancing update to the current battle system was the use of the Statistic Morale and how it tied up to Critical hits that Axies do. The damage generated by critical hits is now correlated to the Morale stat that these Axies have.

You can read the full details of the announcement here.

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