Axie Infinity Land Plot Sold For 550 ETH

Digital land plot sold is valued at $2,339,700.0 USD at the time of purchase.

A Digital Nation

A piece of digital land plot in the popular Play to Earn game, Axie Infinity, sold for a high of 550 ETH.

Axie Infinity held its first land on January 22, 2019. A few years later, user ArcaChemist made some serious money after his genesis plot listing was sold for a value of around 2.3 Million US Dollars. A tweet by the official twitter account of the Ethereum based blockchain game announced the purchase at around 8PM UTC on November 24.

“A Genesis Land Plot just sold for 550 ETH! That’s over 2.3 Million USD! Our player-owned Digital nation continues to shock the world” Axie Infinity tweeted out.


Though Axie Infinity’s land gameplay has yet to be rolled out, value of land has steadily been increasing as anticipation for the game mode’s release draws near. Lunacian #789512 seems to be preparing for this release as he currently holds fifteen Mystic land plots and three Genesis land plots. According to the roadmap, land gameplay’s community alpha is set to launch in Q4 of 2021. As of writing, the floor price for a piece of digital property in Lunacia is a Savannah plot priced at 3.5 ETH. Is this a sign of things to come in the near future?

Is This Blockchain History?

2.3 Million dollars is a very high number, and could easily be the largest digital land sale since this whole revolution began. However, a few days ago, on November 23, a piece of digital real estate on the Decentraland metaverse was sold for 2.4 Million USD.

On November 25, Official Axie Infinity twitter account announced that the value of the 550ETH sold was around 2.5 Million US Dollars.


“Yesterday, an Axie Genesis Plot sold for 550 ETH! This was the largest sale ever for a single plot of digital land.” Axie Infinity tweeted.

If this is the case, then the popular blockchain game made history with the largest digital real estate sale ever, topping Decentraland’s 2.4 Million Dollar transaction.

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