Axie Infinity Gives a Battles V3 Sneak Peak

The team shared gameplay mechanics and more in the most detailed reveal of Axie Infinity: Origin.

A Much Awaited Leak

After focusing on releasing scalability developments for most of 2021, PlayToEarn blockchain project, Axie Infinity, teased that their third generation of battles is fast approaching.

The team posted a link to their substack post on their official Twitter account on February 11 that revealed details about their upgraded game mode called Axie Infinity: Origin. The new experience brings new life to the game like new stories to captivate new and old users.

“Axie Infinity: Origin (Battles V3) is fast approaching!  It will have brand new interfaces, game mechanics, art, special effects, storylines, and an expansive onboarding experience,” Axie Infinity said in their substack post. “Origin has been built from the ground up to be more approachable for a mainstream audience. The addition of 3 free starter Axies will make it much easier to recruit your friends and family to join our community.” 


Trainers residing in Lunacia have been eagerly awaiting this refreshing update as the current battle version has been in place for quite some time now. The Axie team reminded users that all updates are still subject to change, and the team is working on releasing the game posthaste.

“There are still final touches being made and not everything is completely finalized yet, so there might be changes to what we describe here.  However, we wanted to share as much as possible while you patiently wait for something to play,” the team added. “Our goal is to begin the game’s release process by the end of Q1 2022.”

Axies Are Tickets To Infinite Games 

Some trainers in Lunacia have asked if Axies from Axie Infinity Origins will work in the new battle modes. This was addressed by Axie Infinity growth lead, Jeff “Jihoz” Zirlin, in Discord.

“Can I use my V2 Axies in Origin?’ Yes! Your Axies are a ticket to all future experiences built in the Axie universe,” Jihoz proclaimd. “Infinite games. Infinite experiences. That’s why it’s called Axie Infinity!”


The new game mode offers a more fast-paced environment where players can choose their actions sequentially instead of simultaneously. Energy and cards will no longer accumulate at the end for rounds, leaving fewer incentives for players to pass their turn. Random critical strikes will not have the same game-deciding effect as they used to as a new mechanic called “Rage” gets introduced. 

Also, each Axie also has more cards they can play now as their eyes and ear body parts now correspond to a move that Axies can play.  While most cards will carry over to Axie Infinity: Origin, some will see changes. One change is that cards no longer have both an attack and defense power attributed to them.

“Most cards play differently as they now have either an attack or a defense value, rather than carrying both.  Some cards that you’re familiar with have newly described abilities,” the team revealed. “However, we’ve tried to keep the spirit of the card as consistent as possible. We look forward to seeing your thoughts as you get familiar with them all!”


The team also introduced power-ups that can be crafted using $SLP and a new token called Moonshards. The set of runes and charms can change season after season, making some of them a collectible for certain trainers. Moonshards also reset after the season ends to incentivize trainers to fully use them.

The Roll Out Plan

Players can expect an alpha of the game to be released in order to get initial feedback from the community. Trainers will not receive any $SLP or $AXS from participating in the alpha and their progression in the alpha test will reset. Season 0, which will mainly be dependent on the results of the alpha, will be the main transition from the current battle version to Axie Infinity: Origin.


Starter Axies will also be introduced to help users learn the game, though the current plan will not reward tokens to play from Starter Axies. These trainers will be able to progress through adventure mode to unlock more Starter Axies and participate in the player versus player arena.

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