Axie Ad Revenue Model Sparks Sustainability Debate

Axie Infinity Co-Founder Jeff Zirlin reacts to statements made by investor Mark Cuban.

Ad Revenue Model

There is growing sentiment online that implementing an advertising revenue stream could help sustain a blockchain game’s economy.

On a podcast posted July 16, Axie Infinity investor Mark Cuban floated the idea of using ad revenue as a source of funds to buy back tokens from players. With the price of Axie token $SLP at a fraction of where it was a few months ago, community members were quick to chime in with suggestions. Axie’s co-founder and growth lead, Jeff Zirlin, reacted through a Twitter thread the next day.

“Using advertising revenue to help balance the economy has been in the whitepaper since spring 2021,” the Axie Infinity CoFounder tweeted. “Timing is key though. Prioritizing it now could be deadly. Mark knows that we know this! It’s how we convinced him to invest. We already have had esports sponsorships and DeFi projects like MakerDAO and Aave sponsored season rewards. Need to keep building to be able to scale those things to the point where they have a major impact.”

Apparently, the question isn’t if the team will include ad revenue to their ecosystem, but when will they add it? With the team focused on transitioning towards their new flagship game, Axie Infinity: Origins, and building their land gameplay, this mechanic of their ecosystem might not be coming anytime soon.

Web3 gamer and content creator brycent summed up the ad revenue model well in a Twitter thread.

What is Axie Infinity:

Axie Infinity is a PlayAndEarn blockchain game where players breed, collect, and play with digital pets called Axies and earn from the interactions. It’s built on Ronin, an Ethereum-based side-chain developed by Vietnamese-based gaming studio Sky Mavis. The protocol put eyes on the PlayAndEarn gaming industry back in 2021. In addition, the team is building a digital nation where each community member comes together to play, earn, and live in Lunacia.

Where to find Axie Infinity:

Website | Twitter | Substack | Medium | Whitepaper

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