Awake in the Galactic AMA Transcript

” An Open Metaverse developed for the community of gamers and creators “

1. Can you introduce yourself and the team behind the project?

Awake G.M

Hello I am Emin Aksar. I have been dealing with smart contracts and blockchain market for 4 years. In my team, we work with Alpaslan Zengin as an editor and game developer. Mustafa Meder as an architect and Malvin as a community manager. There are also 5 social media managers and 3 game software developers that we work remotely.


Thank you for the introduction

2. What inspired you to create the Awake in the Galactic project?

Awake G.M

The infinity of space and the fact that everthing in the universe resembles a work of art made us wonder what it would be like to live anywhere in space. The infinity of space is what inspired us to create the Awake project. Therefore, we are offering a new life to investors in a different world where accesisibility is easie with the developing technology.


Interesting, you mention ‘metaverse’ a few times on your website. In your opinion what does ‘metaverse’ mean and how will AITG fit into this?

Awake G.M

I think the metaverse will be a door that people will open to different worlds independent of the real world. They will be able to perform all the activities that cannot be reached in daily life in this universe. For us, metaverse is not a shopping place, it is the door of the restricted world to freedom. AIGT will be the gateway to space. Its currency will be AWK. We will try to create a different world for people who r bored with the daily life. We are giving opportunity to explore different area in Awake galactic.

3. Thank you, can you tell us about the NFTs available on and their utility?

Awake G.M

We will use the NFTs that we created for the Awake galactic. We have different types of NFTs that inverstors who own these will receive regular AWK rewards every month. Therefore, we have a staking system for NFTs. Staking rates vary according to the rarity rates of NFTs. Tokens we have allocated for staking will be distributed to NFT holders with sell fee income. Distributions will be with the rates which   is taking part in the website.

4. Can you tell us about AWAKE and when we can expect a DAO?

Awake G.M

Awake is a play to earn project related about space gaming. Users take place in space, there will be an NFT marketplace in the first stage and the NFTs that we have created will be sold. Galaxy contains multiple NFT categories. At the end of the improvements made according to the number of AWAKE citizens, the stake rates and categories will be renewed and presented at the NFT showroom. In the beginning, galaxy consists of 3 NFT categories. Second phase will be VR integration. Awake users will be able to take a look at the new NFTs and protect the integrity of the community with VR technology at he show center. Last phase, users will be able to earn rare tokens from boss, monsters hat users will encounter in the game. Colonization and planetary travel with ships will also be possible in the game.

5. Can you tell us about the planned tokenomics behind the play to earn aspect of the project?

Awake G.M

AIGT is a metanft project and users holding NFT will be given mining rights. AWK token distribution will be made to users every month. We will cover this from the tokens we have allocated for sell fee.

Total supply is 10.000.000 tokens

Unicrypt presale amount of token = 5.000.000 tokens.

Amount of token to spend on advertising = 1.000.000 tokens ( it will be opened regularly every month until q4)

Amount of token for team = 600.000 tokens (it will be opened regularly every month until q4)

Amount of token for developers = 1.000.000 tokens(It will be opened after March)

Rewards = 300.000 tokens (it will be opened regularly every month until q4)

Airdrop = 200.000 tokens

Staking = 1.900.000 tokens (it will be opened regularly every month until q4)

Burning = 300.000 tokens ( it will be burned during presale)

6. Thank you, how are you going to ensure sustainability from an economic/tokenomic point of view in regards to P2E payments?

Awake G.M

We have determined the sell fee as 4% in order to generate regular income for the users. We also set the purchase fee for the token as 0. In this way, we intend to protect the Awake holders who join our organization and ensure that the project is sustainable.

7. Thank you! Some aspects of your game seem to have taken inspiration from the popular game ‘Star Citizen’, can we expect AITG to be similar to this?

Awake G.M

Yes, it will be similar to Star citizen. At the beginning, we do not want to share too much information about the game. We want to leave the most exciting parts for last. Because we will have a lot of interesting news in the future.

8. When can we expect to hear more news and also more details of gameplay?

Awake G.M

After the presale is completed, we will introduce the beta version of gameplay. I believe, we will get a solid community after pre-sale.

9. Great, before we wrap things up, is there anything I have not asked that you would like to mention? Perhaps any upcoming releases?

Awake G.M

Game players will recognize the general principles of AWAKE gameplay from Q3

On April 16, our pre-sale will begin on the unicrypt platform. We invite all our followers. We will also have a mystery box event, you can follow our announcement groups.

10. Thank you! Can you drop your social links again so people can follow you?

Awake G.M









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