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cryptodaily.io hosts an AMA with Avania. #Avania #BNBChain #BNB #AMA

Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone and welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily I’m your host Daley and today, we welcome Mr. Bill – CEO of Avania to our community

How are you doing Bill?

Bill: Hello. It is my honor to be with you today.

Cryptodaily Admin: The honor is all mine Are you ready to start the AMA?

Bill: Sure. Please start whenever you are ready.

Q1: Who are the people behind Avania? Are you all doxed? What are your experiences with Blockchain and Gaming?

Bill: We are all Doxxed.

My name is Bill, CEO of Avania team. I have 10 years of business experience. I have a passion for strategy games because it improves critical thinking skill and management skill.

Also Mr. King Nawapan, our CTO who has 20 years experience in game & tech development.

Cryptodaily Admin: I too enjoy strategic games, but not because it improves my skills. I just love the competitiveness and the winning feeling

Q2: What is Avania all about? What problems in the GameFi industry that you’re setting out to solve?

Bill: So our game was born for you. It will be really competitive. Please give it a chance to try.

Cryptodaily Admin: You don’t say, I downloaded the game already but I don’t know how to register an account in the test version. Might need you to elaborate on it later on haha

Bill: Avania is a strategic card battle game. Players represent an aether who can summon a guardian to fight. We want to transform the former gaming industry by implementing blockchain benefits. Blockchain gives transparency, ownership, liquidity, democracy and many more to a game and accelerates the gaming industry to a new era where game developers have less authority over players’ world.

You can check how to easily access to our DEMO game in this link: medium.com/@avania.io/how-to-install-avania-demo-version-af2c2c454985

Cryptodaily Admin: Definitely will check it out after this AMA

Bill: Check this out for a gameplay video.

Cryptodaily Admin: Right, so in simple terms, we can summon guardians to fight, and it will be a strategic card games

Q3: What is the gameplay of Avania? What can we do in the game to earn?

Bill: Basically, Avania is a card game. There are many ways to earn money in Avania.

For example,

1) Play a game in rank mode to earn a monthly exclusive reward.

2) Find an underrated nexus (guardian team) and find a better way to play it. Sell it at suitable price (or add up premium)

3) Scholarship

4) Find a new Nexus from a game shop to find a new team combination. There is a chance to find some new nexus with very high value.

5) Upgrade nexus to a higher level to give it higher value and sell to the market.

6) E-sport

7) Streamer can find a lot of content from Avania because all nexus will come with a unique combination of guardians.

There can be many other ways because the blockchain system gives gamers in GameFi an opportunity to do many things to earn from the gaming platform. As I indicated in the answer for the 2nd question.

Let’s explore and have fun together.

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh so each nexus is a guardian team, can we customize our guardian team, or the guardian team is fixed with each nexus?

Bill: No, you can’t customize guardians in each nexus. On the other hand, 5 guardians which belong to each nexus can’t be switched or transferred to another nexus. As well as guardian’s cards.

Bill: As additional, there will be less META because no one can copy the best way to play the game!! This is our unique style of gameplay.

Bill: Yeah, power is not everything… strategy always matters haha.

Q4: One major factor that keeps people around NFT Games is the ROI. How long until we get back our initial investments when playing Avaina?

Bill: Basically, Avania is focusing on the ‘Play fun earn’ concept. Therefore, player skill matters. Players can earn back all invested NOVA for 1 nexus if that player always wins in PVP mode for 23 days. However, it really depends on the player’s skill indeed.

Bill: Of course, don’t forget about ranking rewards. That is what competitive players like you can focus on too.

Q5: Could you walk us through the utility of your token $NOVA? How does Avania sustain its in-game reward with its economic model?

Bill: There is a lot of content to be unlocked in-game with NOVA. Such as a new Aether card, New nexus. Cosmetic item.

Moreover, our game is a unique team battle game in which each team has their own individual combination. This will make the game an endless journey for the player to discover.

In addition, upgrading nexus is another type of utility that gamers also love to do. Upgrade nexus allows the player to fight with stronger androids in PVE mode which gives more reward to the player. However this will be available later after the first game launch.

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh Team battle as well? I can play 2v2 in a pvp battle?

Bill: Interesting idea but unfortunately, there will be no 2v2 in PVP mode yet.

Q6:What do we need to do or understand to join Avania?

Bill: Players need to understand that Avania is a game. You can’t expect to just click and then win the game. You need skill and strategy to overcome the enemy to win a precious reward.

Also as GameFi, I do recommend players should understand the basic security in blockchain systems first.

Cryptodaily Admin: Right, so you can’t just get into Avania with a “get rich quick” mindset, but actually invest your time in researching the gameplay, the strategies,… And then you will earn

Q7: What are you working on right now? What’s in store for Avania in 2022?

Bill: We will have the 1st NFT sale on this coming Tuesday 29th of march 13:00 UTC. In this sale event, all Nexus will have a chance to contain at least 1 aurora guardian which will never exist in normal nexus selling in normal shops. All unsold nexus will be burned to make other aurora nexus become more limited.

If you don’t want to miss any update please follow us on announcement t.me/avaniaofficial

Q8: Are you having any exciting events at the moment? Where can we find out more about Avania?

Bill: We are holding a  lot of events that will grant you a whitelist for up-coming 1st NFT sale. You can become a whitelist by many events held on telegram, discord and other social media.

You can see the details here: t.me/avaniaofficial/38

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Avania

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Bill: Thank you for supporting Avania. As a representative of the Avania team. We really have a passion for developing a good game. We are open for any feedback. Don’t forget to follow us on any social media platform. I will drop a link for you below. Also don’t forget to try our game demo .. here is the link: avania.io/game/download

Thank you a lot for giving me a chance to tell you about Avania today.

Let’s see you in Avania !! Goodbye.

Website : avania.io/

Twitter : twitter.com/Avania_nft

Telegram : t.me/avania_official

Telegram Announcement : t.me/avaniaofficial

Facebook : www.facebook.com/avania.io

Medium : medium.com/@avania.io

Discord : discord.gg/AHc9auHfxd

Youtube : www.youtube.com/channel/UC_nBlhGsjtOmPvOEYqp4G-g

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you so much for this AMA Bill! Hope I can see more of Avania in the near future!!!!

Source : cryptodaily.io

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