Avalanche Teams Up With Topps Baseball Cards, Expands More Into Sports NFTs

Topps joins Avalanche after their partnership with the Major League Baseball association comes to an end.

Topps Enters the Digital Collector’s Space

Topps, the renowned collectible and sports memorabilia company, has teamed up with the Avalanche blockchain offering digital sports-based NFTs

The news came seven days following Topps and Major League Baseball ended their partnership, which Jaclyn Diaz reported for NPR on August 20th. Avalanche announced only seven days later, on August 27th, that Topps and Avalanche have joined forces to bring sports NFTs available for purchase on the Avalanche blockchain.  

“The Topps MLB Inception #NFT Collection is dropping soon on Avalanche. The Topps NFTs collection will feature the league’s top rookies, emerging stars, veteran favorites, and more, all as digital collectibles,” Avalanche recently tweeted.

The now ended partnership between Topps and the MLB gave Topps exclusive rights to produce collectible baseball cards with the team logos on them. Topps and the MLB ending their long-standing partnership may be hugely consequential for the Topps franchise. 

However, Topps has found a new, arguably more powerful partner in Avalanche. 


A New Hope

Although the news of Topps ending their partnership with the MLB comes as a major blow to active collectors as well as nostalgic card collectors who grew up collecting Topps MLB trading cards, not all hope is lost. Topps partnering Avalanche and publishing NFTs could prove to be just as lucrative to the sports memorabilia company. 

Here’s why: Topps newest blockchain partner, Avalanche, has been hugely active in recent weeks. 

CoinDesk’s Andrew Thurman reported that the Avalanche ecosystem swelled 1000% in the last month, with DeFi users pouring almost $2 billion worth into the Avalanche ecosystem. 

Not only that but Avalanche’s native token AVAX has risen from $12.43 to $51.07, showing 317% in growth over the last 30 days, according to CoinGecko.

Topps may have lost their long-standing MLB partner, but joining forces with Avalanche could potentially offset the damage by publishing and selling sports-related NFTs. 

The two have also partnered together previously, when, on August 11th, Topps NFTs launched their ​​Bundesliga collection on the Avalanche blockchain. 


“The Bundesliga 2020–2021 Season Celebration NFT Collection contains 630 unique digital trading cards, featuring match footage + 180 Bundesliga stars,” wrote Avalanche in a recent Medium article describing the ​​Bundesliga collection. 

Digital collectibles such as NFTs have been growing in popularity and show no signs of slowing down. In the blockchain world, anyone and everyone from around the globe can purchase NFTs. 

With Topps entering the NFT space, their new blockchain market could prove to have a far more expansive effect for Topps, as now anyone across the globe can purchase Topps NFTs. With NFTs, there are no shipping costs, ease of resale, no risks of damage when buying used collectibles, and purchased NFTs show in the user’s possession almost immediately. 

Collectors have already begun moving into the digital space, and with Topps now joining, it could prove to be a worthwhile endeavor for everyone involved. 

What is Avalanche?

Avalanche is a blockchain network that has become increasingly popular with Decentralized Finance users for its low costs, high transaction speeds, and eco-friendly approach. The Avalanche blockchain network also claims to provide developers with very easy-to-use smart contracts, allowing for rapid building at low costs. The platform takes aim at the Ethereum network, hoping to provide a better user experience not only for crypto investors but also developers. The Avalanche network was built for decentralized apps (dapps)

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