AutoShark Suffers Exploit Again, Having Made Important Progress From Previous Attack

The project is no stranger to these kinds of attempts and seemed to shrug off the previous exploit, but there is some alarm currently.

Dangerous Waters

Having previously dealt with another attack attempt at the beginning of October, it appears as though AutoShark have once more run into difficulty. 

The flash loan alert was initially sounded by PeckShield on Twitter earlier today, and the transaction details can be verified here, the significant sum lost appears to be in the remit of $1.5 million according to these transaction details. The AutoShark team have officially acknowledged the attack, as they grapple with a response.

“The team is looking into the issue right now. There appears to be an attack on $JAWS. Do NOT buy $JAWS,” the team confirmed via Twitter before adding that “$FINS is not affected. We will update ASAP.”

It is however a naive assumption to presume $FINS has not been affected after suffering an over 50% price drop according to CoinGecko.


The team have since disabled $FINS swap rewards in an attempt to combat the attack, but they remain in a vulnerable position.

We’ll be following closely to keep you up to date with events as they unfold. 

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