AutoFarm Network Project Insight: An AutoFi and AutoSwap Protocol

AutoFarm Network aims to be a leading Dex and Yield Aggregator on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). AutoFarm incorporates both yield optimization and AMM aggregation into one protocol.

AutoFarm Network

Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) platform AutoFarm Network aims to be a leading Dex and Yield Aggregator on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). AutoFarm incorporates both yield optimization and AMM aggregation in one product, catering to many users who currently access similar services through multiple different protocols.

AutoFarm Vaults

AutoFarm optimizes yields through a vault system; vaults serve as investment instruments, implementing strategies through smart contracts. These vaults automate the best yield farming opportunities. Vaults can perform the following actions: Use assets as liquidity, provide assets as collateral for others, manage collateral to reduce odds of liquidation, use assets to generate a yield and compound profits.

The AutoFarm vaults will auto compound yields, the contracts compound at set intervals depending on the strategy. This is ideal for users as it will save a lot of time and gas fees. Users who utilize the vaults will also earn $AUTO, the AutoFarm native token. There is a bit different from competing vault strategies; there is a fee in place when entering a vault that can be up to 0.3% on deposit. However, there is no fee for withdrawing from the vaults, solely a deposit fee. The team incorporated this entrance fee to encourage early liquidity provision as well as to prevent front-running.

The following equation displays the entrance fee formula:

Entrance fee = 1 – (Deposit_TVL / (Deposit_TVL + Pool_TVL) * Max_Entrance_Fee )

Current, there are 6 Vaults:







$AUTO Tokenomics

The AUTO token is the native governance token for the AutoFarm Network. The team aims to launch is governance platform for $AUTO holders in Q3 2021. 

AutoFarm was introduced to the BSC without any pre-farm or pre-sales, allowing a fair distribution amongst those who adopt the project. There will be a maximum of  80,000 $AUTO Tokens, which all will be created within one year. The team will take 12% off all $AUTO Tokens minted to ensure that the protocol can keep innovating rapidly. Currently, only about 5.5% of the AUTO supply has been minted; the remaining will be distributed across the next year as liquidity incentives.

The collected fees from the Vaults will be used to buyback and burn $AUTO Token. This buy-back is currently inactive, but it makes $AUTO a deflationary token once released. For more info about how deflationary token models benefit long-term holders, check out THIS  Cryptonomics article.

Overall, the $AUTO token serves as a governance token and boasts a solid tokenomics model. The team has introduced a capped supply and aims to incorporate deflationary buy-backs, benefiting AUTO holders. A key point to take away is that AUTO will have a period of high inflation during the initial year of liquidity incentives. Once the year of emissions is completed, the AUTO token aims to protect long-term holders through a capped supply and deflationary measures.


The team of AutoFarm promises a DEX aggregator that will fetch the best available price from several Automated Market Makers (AMM) on the BSC. They aim to deliver an aggregator that will allow users to execute trades with AutoSwap, where they become non-front-runnable and offer no possibility for arbitrage.

As for now, all we can do is wait for the AutoSwap to launch!

Concluding Thoughts

The project could become what they say it’s going to be “BSC’s best DEX aggregator,” but this can only be confirmed by time. The audits on the smart contracts were outstanding according to THIS report made by Anchain.AI’s Smart Contract Auditing Sandbox.

The auto compounding vaults are excellent, and earning $AUTO token makes it even more attractive. I look forward to the implementation of the roadmap as well as the teams further innovations. If the AutoFarm Network can deliver on its promises, the future could be very bright for the protocol.

Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing rather new tokens For those who have not already read our articles on safety in the BSC it is crucial to reference the following items, HERE and HERE

None of our articles contain financial advice, and all financial decisions should be made on your behalf or on behalf of a professional financial advisor.

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