AutoFarm and Farmfolio Native Dashboard

Autofarm has announced that its users can now monitor their native assets using farmfolio’s asset control panel. This announcement comes almost a month after it acquired the Binance-built asset tracker.


Autofarm wants its users to seamlessly yield farming and monitor their assets simultaneously. Thus, it is integrating farmfolio’s asset control panel for this purpose. This makes Autofarm the first yield optimizer with an in-built asset manager in its platform.

How Users Can Perform This Integration

After connecting their asset with Autofarm, users can click on the ‘control panel’ tab to access their personalized asset manager. There is an automatic integration of all data from Autofarm for effective tracking.


Now, there would be no need to switch between various applications for farming, rewards, and asset management. Everything is in one place now which makes management convenient and efficient for users. Furthermore, all holders on Autofarm are eligible to use this monitoring tool.

Use of The Control Panel


Apart from time-based data tracking, farmfolio developed its control panel to:

Track asset holdings in various pools or farms

Monitor staked assets automatically

Track each farm and pool assets on various protocols

Monitor token assets even in the USD and offer rewards in a similar way or $AUTO

The Unique Benefits of Using Autofarm’s Asset Control Panel

While there have been lots of tracking tools on the BSC, none of them are directly integrated into a protocol. This gives Autofarm’s asset manager that supports seamless asset tracking a competitive advantage. The firm intends to upgrade this asset manager in the near future to track pools and farms on several blockchains. This aligns with Autofarms’ vision to be effective over various chains.

As of this writing, the platform supports the following platforms: 

Supported platforms

Autofarm is offering its users limited free access to this tool to ensure that they can manage their assets seamlessly. However, they will have to pay a one-off $10 fee (which is low compared to what other similar services charge for the same purpose) to access the full range of tracking features on other BSC-built platforms like Beefy, Mdex, Venus, or PancakeBunny.

The asset manager’s control panel is also simple and easy to understand with complete features for all yield farmers regardless of their level of expertise.

The Future

Farmfolio and Autofarm have come together in partnership to further develop both of their platforms. Here is a timeline for some of the upgrades that users can expect from Autofarm and Farmfolio’s asset manager within the next three months:


Vault information like temporary loss, detailed analysis of LP pairs, and trades

Farming updates for at least three other BSC-built platforms 


Monitor additional platforms


conversion from one currency to another in BNB, BTC, and EUR

brief overview of all farms’ rankings

The Autofarm team will continue to provide updates for more products and upgrades through their Twitter handle.

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