AuraDX AI Launches Public Sale of $DallE2 Tokens – Get Your Hands on the Future of AI!

The launch of $DallE2 follows the launch of AuraDX on March 16 to offer AI-based services, including DallE2, a P2P exchange, AI farming, AI staking, and an AI launchpad.

Public Sale With 40% of the Total Supply

AuraDX AI has launched its token $DallE2 through an IDO at PinkSale on March 24 at 15:00  UTC. The public sale will continue until March 29, 16:00 UTC.

There will be a total supply of 10 million $DallE2, of which 40% is available for presale. 

If you want to participate in the IDO, you need a Web3 wallet as well as $ETH to invest. You can obtain $ETH on Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) and transfer it to your wallet on the Arbitrum network. You can access the launchpad here and connect your wallet. 

You will need to enter the amount of ETH that you wish to use to purchase the presale in the “Amount” section. Then, finally, click “Buy.”

AuraDX has also announced a giveaway to share 1% of their total token supply, which amounts to 100,000 DallE2 tokens, with active and early users of their platform. You can participate in the airdrop campaign by completing some tasks, which you can find here.

On March 16, AuraDX was launched to bring DallE2 (Text to Image Bot), a P2P Exchange, AI Farming, an AI Staking, and an AI Launchpad. Recently, AuraDX launched the staking platform, promising a sustainable APY of 183%. 

Additionally, AuraDX has recently had its smart contract audited, and KYC passed by Coinscope. The whitepaper for the protocol was published on March 16 as well. 

What is AuraDX:

According to the AuraDX docs, AuradX combines the benefits of Arbitrum distributed ledger (blockchain in general) and Artificial Intelligence to provide community members and enthusiasts with a future-proof ecosystem of crypto-related products.

AuraDX has its own P2P exchange, text-to-image converter, launchpad, and staking platform, all of which are powered by AI. The goal is to create a stable ecosystem of cryptocurrency products that will allow users to get the most out of their crypto assets. 

Users do not need to dabble in multiple transactions/trades or spend much time looking for better returns. AuraDX will be their one-stop shop for all their crypto needs, leading them to a better lifestyle.

Learn more about AuraDX:

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