A Social Network Based On The Principles Of Web 3.0 is a social network for cryptocurrency enthusiasts that includes the utilities of Web 3.0 directly into the platform and aims to display accurate real-time data for listed tokens.

What is is a social networking platform for the crypto community and enthusiasts who are constantly looking to track new or old tokens and their performance. The platform has a lot of features which we will discuss in this article. 

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The platform has Web 3.0 utilities integrated directly into it and aims to be the biggest web3 integrated online community platform for all crypto. The platform’s utility token is $SPACES which can be bought on PancakeSwap. 

The platform doesn’t have any advertisements and allows users to connect with friends and upgrade profiles, like in any other social media application. Users will experience a clean interface with upgraded functionality, as per the official docs.

Key Features

The key features of the platform include users, coins/tokens and boards.


The basic version of the platform will be available to users for free and include advertisement-free access to the platform. However, holding $SPACES will give the users the ability to upgrade their accounts to access new features. 


The listed coins on the platforms can be upvoted by the users. The official doc states:

” User can upvote the same coin every 6 hours but only upvote a total of 10 times every 24 hours.”


The coins/tokens listed on the platform will have their own board, which allows them to access charts, social links, websites, etc. with great ease. While watching the board, users can remain connected to the crypto community.

Coins/Tokens Information

The information on the platform will consist of trending tokens and will also include a feature to delist suspicious tokens. 

Trending tokens

Trending tokens is a list of the top 15 coins which update every 5 minutes. Sometimes, users might see coins ranked lower than they should be if they’re close to each other. In 5 minutes, the details become accurate again. 

Delisting of Coins/Tokens delists the coins to keep the platform spam-free. Here are situations in which projects can be delisted:

Same computer or IP used for a high percentage of voting.

Robot/automated behavior

Coin added from the same IP as multiple flagged users

Important Components has some important components that include the following:

AstroSpaces Swap

A 0x multi-chain feature that enables a user to distribute their transactions across decentralized exchanges to get the minimum slippage possible. As a result, users can buy and sell tokens without actually leaving the platform.


The news section is a fully automated section of the platform which is integrated into‘s API. However, a project’s news will show up on when 2 requirements are fulfilled:

A link to the Medium blog on EtherScan or BscScan

Reaching a specific vote count on to be public

Fuel Station

Fuel Station is a community supporting mechanism that burns tokens and gives credit back to the support of the platform’s community. AstroSpaces doc noted:

“Adding fuel should not be mistaken for staking as you’re burning tokens without the possibility to withdraw.”

Verified Entities

The platform supports verified badges which will bring authenticity to certain entities on the platform. There are a number of criteria that needs to be fulfilled for passing the verification badge test: 

ID verification

Media references

Verification badge on other Social Media, including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

Presence in public wikis such as

Furthermore, there can be only one coin profile that needs to be verified via the website and Twitter links to BscScan/EtherScan. Furthermore, these coins can also add team members after their verification and get badges. 

Referral System

Whenever a user refers a friend, they will get the fee(s) involved in the transaction initiated by the friend. The fee(s) ranges from 0.05% to 1%.


The tokenomics of the platform, as mentioned in the whitepaper, is as follows:

Source: Whitepaper
Source: Whitepaper


The roadmap for starting 2022 can be found in the image below:

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Final Thoughts brings forth the concept of social media with integrated Web 3.0 utilities. The platform aims to create a spam-free environment for the cryptocurrency community and has also partnered with solidity auditing companies to provide a spam-free engagement.





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