Astronaut Launchpad – Lining Up Quality IDOs For Its Community

The launchpad focuses on making IDO participation simple and stress-free for both investors and developers.

Easy IDO Access

Blasting off strong straight-out-the-gate since its project launch in March 2021, Astronaut Launchpad has been consistently scheduling quality Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) IDOs for its community to participate in.

The cost for access to join is reasonable enough for individual project fans to join and partake as well. 

Astronaut Progresses Forward

Astronaut got its start offering a wide array of project types on the Binance Smart Chain network. Recently they have begun multi-chain expansion, starting with Polygon. Astronaut has community bases spanning across the globe; in the US, China, Turkey, various regions of Europe, Southeast Asia, and onwards. 

They have established a rather extensive marketing team who have been selected for their effectiveness in marketing pushes to spread the word and gather excitement for upcoming  IDOs that are to be hosted. Astronaut has established several great strategic partnerships, furthering resources and ability for effectiveness. 

Astronaut also offers a host of optional advisory services to project teams they partner with to assist them in providing for as smooth of a presale and live launch as possible.

Astronaut also has a page of their platform website titled ‘Astropools’ in which they offer pools for projects that have opted to provide for users the ability to stake either the project’s native tokens/LP or NAUT tokens/LP to generate passive asset yield. This serves as an excellent means of ‘putting your money to work for you’ by gaining additional holdings to increase your position on our projects in which investors are bullish on. 

Success in the Making

The Astronaut community has shown many times their excitement for being able to participate in IDO opportunities, and have gained a reputation for filling public raises in incredibly short periods of time.

Some of the most successful gains made by IDOs that were hosted by Astronaut include: -Portify (5660% ATH gain from IDO price) 

Lemon (2034% ATH gain from IDO price) 

Caketools (1490% ATH gain from IDO price) 

FootballGO (1488% ATH gain from IDO price) 

Birb (1841% ATH gain from IDO price) 

Guardian (1525% ATH gain from IDO price) 

RO Slayers (985% ATH gain from IDO price) 

Yarloo (938% ATH gain from IDO price) 

The Time is Now

If you’re on the lookout for a launchpad to provide a continuous series of quality projects to participate in IDO presales, looking into Astronaut Launchpad will absolutely be worth your time. May want to get on a jump on it as well as their native token value has tripled in the past 3 weeks with no sign of stopping in the long term. $Naut is a deflationary token with 4% tax on transaction (3% burned out of circulation forever, 1% redistribution to Naut holders) which provides for explosive growth in price over time. Current $Naut token price at time of writing this: $1.52 USD. Total Supply was 10,000,000 at launch. Current supply is 5,770,111 meaning nearly 4.23 million Naut have been burned (so far).

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