Associated Press to Share Sports and Racing Data Sets With Chainlink

By sharing its data with Chainlink the Associated Press will increase its presence on the blockchain.

Innovative Partnership

One of the world’s most dependable news networks, the Associated Press (AP), will commence sharing its sports and racing datasets with Chainlink

The Associated Press announced its collaboration with Chainlink in a Press Release on October 21. Chainlink will set up a node for AP through which blockchain protocols would access AP’s real-world data.  

“Chainlink technology is the ideal way to provide smart contract developers anywhere in the world with direct, on-demand access to AP’s trusted economic, sports, and race call data. Working with Chainlink allows this information to be compatible with any blockchain”, Dwayne Desaulniers, AP’s Director of Blockchain and Data Licensing, stated. 

While Chainlink is a world leader in the business of providing reliable application programmable interfaces (API) through which blockchain protocols access off-chain data to drive on-chain features, AP is trusted by many across the world for accurate news reporting.


APs App Effect

AP’s Chainlink node will be a portal through which applications in multiple blockchains can access authenticated data from the Associated Press. The fast-paced development of DeFi and blockchain, in general, has brought with it a crucial need for reliable real-time data feeds and secure infrastructure to convey them. The synergy between the Associated Press and Chainlink will surely support the further growth of the blockchain industry. 

“AP has established itself as one of the most trusted independent news organizations in the world for real-time news in all formats. It makes sense for the AP to launch a Chainlink oracle node and support innovation within emerging smart contract industries”, William Herkelrath, Chainlink Labs’ Managing Director stated.

The Associated Press is one of the leading news networks exploring collaboration with the blockchain industry. The news agency scored a landmark when it broadcast race calls on Ethereum blockchain in partnership with Everipedia. AP also was the first in the media industry to mint and sell a media NFT.

The willingness of organisations such as the Associated Press to render services on the blockchain is pivotal to growing blockchain’s adoption. Chainlink is proving to be the critical bridge linking up off-chain resources with the on-chain community.

To know more about how Chainlink builds the infrastructure that gives blockchain access to off-chain data, visit them on these sites:

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