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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone and welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily  I’m Daley and I will be your host for today. I’m also joined by Mr. Banker Charles from Assent Protocol!

Banker Charles: Hello everybody, it’s nice to E-meet you all. It’s a great pleasure to be here

Cryptodaily Admin: You seem really excited for this AMA How’s everything

Banker Charles: I am hyped. I am doing well, thanks. How are you doing?

Cryptodaily Admin: Not too bad myself either Thank you for taking your time and holding this AMA with us Charles 

Cryptodaily Admin: Are you ready to start?

Banker Charles: Yes, sure am. I would just like to say I will be doing this AMA live because I feel like a copy paste AMA isn’t doing the trick. I am a fast typer tho

Q1: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences? Are you fully doxed?

Banker Charles: The Assent protocol exists out of:

Me: Banker Charles (alexi) and I am one of the two marketing managers over at Assent protocol. I have experience from working on multiple multichain projects in DeFi as a marketing manager.

Eric: my other marketing half who has been alongside me on all projects we worked on.

Jerome: our main solidity dev and CEO who is a real live ICT guy working for a big multinational. He has worked on a lot of project and is helping fellow devs out in the defi ecosystem

Dan: our frontend dev who is working with Jerome in real life and also worked alongside jerome on all their projects

Louis is our business development manager who invested in crypto early 2013 and just joined working in DeFi. We are teaching him the ropes and he is doing great

Of course i can’t forget about our amazing Admin harvey who controls our Telegram chat

Ps: I will also dox myself to rugdoc, probably today

Q2: What is the Assent Protocol all about? Give us a little summary

Banker Charles: Assent Protocol will be an ecosystem that aims to become the number 1 crypto bank for both DeFi investors and DeFi projects alike. We will do so by rewarding our users with stables instead of sending out our own native $ASNT token, which depreciates the token price. Assent Protocol will focus on projects more than focus on investors because we feel that if the projects in the Assent Protocol ecosystem are doing well, investors will reap the benefits of that.

Q3:  Why did you and your team decide to build the Assent Protocol? What problems does the Assent Protocol solve?

Banker Charles: Assent Protocol is introducing a new world in DeFi. Introducing DeFi 2.5. Assent Protocol solves the DeFi 1.0 problems, which is perpetual inflationWe also solve the main DeFi 2.0 problem, which is: almost nothing to 0 utility is given to native tokens. We will be a DAO which focuses a lot on stable farming with a lot of token utility such as:

– a DEX

– a launchpad

– Protocol owned liquidity

– lending and borrowing

– locker functions

And a lot more to come

We felt like something new and stable was needed in DeFi. So we went for it and after 3 months the Assent Protocol was created.

Q4: What are your core products that you offer to users? How do they work?

Banker Charles: Our core products are:

– DAO, which will be used for our native $ASNT token holders to vote on important decisions that need to be made. They will be able to vote through

– POL, bonding will be made available soon after launch where our ecosystem participants are able to buy bonds from both Assent Protocol and our ecosystem projects against discount prices so that POL is raised and price impact on sell orders will be reduced.

– $ASNT can be staked and locked in our locker systems which will lower the circulation supply.

Our 4,4 game theory proves how successful the Assent Protocol can be if we all work together. These are just a few of our utilities. You can see that only 1 outcome out of 16 is a negative

Cryptodaily Admin: Absolutely, investors need to actively involve in the project, not just buy and dump

Banker Charles: We are all in it together, so paper hands aren’t allowed in

Q5: Please introduce us to your tokenomics. What are some of your token’s use cases?

Banker Charles: $ASNT will go through different phases:

1. Inflationary phase with very high APRs for the first few weeks after launch

2. Smaller inflationary phase

3. Fully deflationary phase with a self sustainable treasury.

$ASNT will have a maximum capped supply of 100.000.00 tokens which is hardcoded into our smart contracts.The token can be used for all our ecosystem features I just mentioned. And we have a few secret features up our sleeve in the for in the near future

Q6: What’s in it for the users? And how do you ensure a sustainable APY as well as a stable $ASNT price

Banker Charles: – Assent Protocol investors benefit from holding a token that gets more exposure and buy pressure each time a new DeFi project is added to the Assent protocol ecosystem.

– Assent Protocol investors benefit from staking $ASNT, getting rewards for staking $ASNT and for auto compounding $ASNT.

– Assent Protocol investors benefit from investing in bonds from different projects on our platform. The main benefit for bonders comes from price consistency. Bonders commit capital upfront and are promised a fixed return at a set point in time with bonders benefiting most from a rising or static price.

– Assent Protocol investors benefit from staking and locking for a fixed duration to get extra rewards into “The Locker” (4,4). Investors can choose the lock duration when making a deposit into the locker system. The longer they choose to lock, the bigger the rewards (APRs).

A stable $ASNT price will be ensured through a growing treasury from bonding. Each time a new project joins our ecosystem more bonds will be added on our platform which will help grow our project treasury

Q7: Are you audited by any third parties?

Banker Charles: We sure are. We have 2 audits pending which will be finished before our launch on the 16th of March. Our DEX code is being audited by Obelisk. Our token smart contracts are being audited by solidity finance. We also reached out to rugdoc and they will do a full review on our protocol. Assent Protocol will be SAFU

Q8: Are there any exciting events that you want to tell us?

Banker Charles: Ooh man, hype incoming!!! People are now able to get whitelisted for our whitelist pre-sale which will take place on the 11th of March.

People can submit to be whitelisted through this link:

Our public sale which will be open for everyone will start on the 14th of March. Our whitelist will be fcfs based. So if we reach our hardcap within 2 minutes then we close contributions. This is to build hype for our public sale. All funds raised in the whitelist will be used for additional marketing for the public sale

Q9: What about your plans for the next 3 months and 2022 in general?

Banker Charles: For the next 3 months, it’s our goal to build a solid ecosystem where both defi projects and defi investors feel safe.

We will release:

– our DEX

– our DAO

– our bonding features

– our lending and borrowing feature

We have a few more roadmap features which we don’t wanna share yet because we don’t want the ideas to get stolen. But it’s some hot stuff

Q10: Where can we find out more about the Assent Protocol?

Banker Charles: Here is a list of our socials:





Our youtube channel is being created as well as our own discord server

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Assent Protocol 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Banker Charles: I want to thank you all for joining this AMA session and special thanks to Daley for hosting it. I hope to see you all soon in

It was a pleasure

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you for being here with us! We wish you the best Looking forward to hearing more from Assent Protocol in the near future

Banker Charles: We will be back on here soon Have a good day everybody!

Cryptodaily Admin: Take care 

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