Artex, the world’s first and only blockchain based art investment platform

On the Binance Smart Chain network, Artex launches its platform where art lovers and artists can connect. It is now simple to support and invest in the art area.


Artex is the world’s first and only blockchain-based art investment platform, allowing you to trade and manage your fine art investments at any time. First-class fine art pieces are tokenized on the blockchain in exchange for their insurance value, based on the transparent pricing of art experts from various countries. They envision a world in which everyone, not just the fortunate and privileged few, can invest in first-rate artworks.

You can buy and sell as much as you want from the works listed in the market using Artex’s smart contracts. during the pre-sale period The Artex Art Market seeks to accomplish the following goals:

– Providing liquidity to the art market, which has become stalled.

– A more equitable distribution of funds in the art market.

– Supporting art and artist rights in a spectacularly transparent manner.

– A cryptocurrency exchange based on a tangible and valuable commodity.

Working logic of our platform

Artex is a blockchain-based ecosystem that solves current and future issues.

Artwork listing request

Artists, art galleries, and collectors contact them to have their first-rate artworks listed on their platform. In addition to the works of well-known artists who have made their mark on art history, promising young artists are encouraged to list their work on the platform.

Artwork valuation commission

An independent commission evaluates job posting requests. This commission is made up of fine art academics from various universities around the world, as well as leading curators from the art world. The financial value of the work is determined by the commission’s evaluations.

Tokenization of artworks 

The artworks are insured over the value determined by the Artifact Valuation Commission and tokenized on the Binance Smart Chain based on their insurance value before being listed for pre-sale on their platform.

Listing artworks on Artex 

Qualified artworks for listing may buy and sell tokens in local currency (fiat) or cryptocurrencies. Each year, the listed works are exhibited at various global organizations and sold at major auctions. As a result, investors’ rights are always safeguarded in the short, medium, and long term.

Trading on Fine Arts Token

You can buy and sell the tokens associated with the listed works in any amount you want, making it simple to manage your investments. Their technology enables investors to trade in local currencies (such as USD, EUR, and TRY) as well as cryptocurrencies (eg BTC, ETH, BNB). Furthermore, investors will be able to use Artex Token to avoid commissions and costs that will occur independently of their platform during currency conversion.

Benefits of investing in a artwork

The art market can be defined as a market where artworks meet their buyers, with galleries, auction houses, collectors, sponsors, artists, and art lovers serving as key players. According to Statista (2021), the annual market volume of the global art market is currently around $60 billion. According to research, the annual volume of this online art business is expected to reach $9.32 billion by 2024. They believe that these statistics will change significantly as a result of the new generation market model, which provides a democratic distribution of people. Artex’s public offering of tokenized artworks using blockchain infrastructure will result in significant changes in the volume of the global art market.

Artex Token benefits and ecosystem

Artex Token is the Artex ecosystem’s digital currency. The Artex token will be used for all privileged platform functions as well as shopping transactions.

Public Sale at a Lower Price Than the Market

We will make pre-sales at a significant discount to the market price. When it is listed on minor and major exchanges, it will have potential to trade at a higher price.

A Potential Future Project

Artex is the first and only blockchain-based fine arts exchange platform in the world. It is the future of the art market and the only one of its kind.

A small market capitalization

You will become an early investor in a project with great potential. Artex offers a profit margin to people who buy in advance.


The platform’s primary goal is to protect the rights of its investors by ensuring the balance of supply and demand for Artex Token. In accordance with this mission, and based on the advice of its financial experts, the maximum supply of Artex Token has been set in stone at 100.000.000 ($100 million). In the first year, 40% of the total supply will be put into circulation. The remaining 60% supply will be released into the market at predetermined intervals over the next four years.

Allocated Reserved Fund: 35% (2 years lockup)

Allocated Public Sale: 25%

Allocated Private Sale: 10%

Exchange & Promo: 10%

Team: 10%

Research & Dev.: 5%

PancakeSwap: 5% 

Upcoming Stage: Publicsale

Token price: $0.020

Start time: TBA

End time: TBA

Token issued: 25.000.000

Vesting: No

Max amount: $1500

Min amount: $100

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