ARTEX AMA Recap hosts ARTEX: the world’s first and only blockchain-based artpiece exchange platform.

BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome to BSC Daily, @samedya!

Samed: Hi everyone. I’m really excited to do the first AMA with you guys!

BSCdaily – Admin: The pleasure is ours. Ready to start our AMA?

Samed: Yes, let’s begin.

Q1: What is ARTEX all about? Give us a little summary

Samed: Artex is the world’s first and only blockchain-based art investment platform, allowing you to trade and manage your fine art investments at any time.

First-class fine art pieces are tokenized on the blockchain in exchange for their insurance value, based on the transparent pricing of art experts from various countries.

Artex envisions a world in which everyone, not just the fortunate and privileged few, can invest in first-class artworks.

BSCdaily – Admin: I like the way Artex approach Fine Arts

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Samed: Of course!

By the nature of Artex, we created the core team from both creative and technical minds during the launch phase and we will gradually expand the team.

I’m a visual designer, artist and academician. I have Master of Arts and PhD degrees. Sharing my experience with young promising artists gives infinite satisfaction.

I have met with blockchain in 2017 and started to think how I can get involved in this technology. After gathering a lot of information and experience, I launched ARTEX with Arin Gulum who is the co-founder of this project.

Q3: Let’s dive into your token $ARTEX. Can you share with us your tokenomics?

Samed: Yeah. Artex’s total supply is 100.000.000

Allocation is as the following:

Early Investor: %35

Exchange & Promotions: %15

Research & Development: %10 (locked for 1 year)

Team: %10 (locked for 1 year)

Ecosystem: %30 (locked for 2 years)

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Q4: What are some of $ARTEX use cases?

Samed: Artworks such as paintings and sculptures change hands through auctions or direct purchases.

It has always been a difficult task for artists to bring their artworks to the right buyers. Their marketing skills are lagging since they prefer to focus on creativity.

At this point, galleries and collectors fill this gap. For the investors who want to invest in artworks securely, the options are very limited; auctions and art galleries.

These institutions rightly receive relatively high commissions in return for their services. The working model of Artex, which has been meticulously designed in line with the views of investors, artists, auctions, and galleries and within the framework of common interests. Artex promises to provide the liquidity, security, transparency, and easy access that the sector needs by paving the way for democracy in art investments.

Requests by artists, art galleries, and collectors to list first-class artworks are evaluated by an independent commission through the platform. The artwork insured and tokenized on the blockchain according to its insured value and becomes ready to be listed on our platform for pre-sale.

For instance, suppose the Independent Review Commission assessed Andy Warhol’s Double Elvis $60 million. This number of artworks is tokenized and offered for sale with a total supply of 60 million for $1. As the value of tokens increases as a result of the supply and demand balance, the value of the artwork also increases. In response to the decrease in the value of the tokens, price balancing is achieved with the auction to be held every year.

Q5: You mentioned “first-class artworks”. Can independent artists and small galleries exhibit their work at ARTEX?

Samed: Of course, we are going to collect all requests. In addition, we are working to determine the works to be listed by user votes.

In our opinion, every promising and artistic work deserves to be listed. We always support promising artists.

Q6: How many persons are on the Independent Review Commission, and will they be able to evaluate all works submitted if ARTEX expands in the future? What if ARTEX becomes well-known and the platform receives ~500-1000 artwork submissions every day by people all around the world?

Samed: We can work with multiple independent review commissions and can easily overcome the density that may occur.

Of course, all tokens want to be listed on Binance, but only the best ones are listed

We will work with artists and curators to filter upcoming listing requests.

Currently, our team includes artists and curators.

Q7: Speaking of Binance, I understand that listing on Binance is the dream of many projects. Have you contacted Binance for the listing plan yet? Or any interaction with Binance team for $ARTEX listing?

Samed: Yes our dream is too. We already started communication with Binance. I don’t think they are going to miss the chance to list the token like $ARTEX. Because $ARTEX is bringing a new industry to the cryptomarket.

Q8: Where can we buy $ARTEX token?

Samed: We have just ended the pre-sale stage less than 5 hours with the great support of our investors. Public sale will start soon on our website. We will announce it on our Twitter and Telegram channels. Stay tuned and do not forget to follow.

BSCdaily – Admin: Nice, what’s the token price in the Public Sale?

Samed: It will be $0.02. It is a really good price that has a great potential to go up

BSCdaily – Admin: What cryptocurrency can we use to make purchases? ($BUSD, $BNB,…)

Samed: Our investors will buy $ARTEX with BNB

Samed: With our CrowdSale Contract, They will able to connect directly to their metamask/trustwallets and can purchase $ARTEX on our website.

Q9: What can we expect from ARTEX over the next three months and in 2021 as a whole?

Samed: We will launch Publicsale in the second half of June and after this we are going to start liquidity in PCS. At the same time we are planning to apply other major exchanges. We have good relations with some of them. I think we are going to announce a name very soon.

On the other hand, we are working hard to announce our partnerships to our community. We are making connections with famous and promising artists, art galleries, and other crypto projects that help us to grow fast.

For our platform, we will release the first demo at the end of June. Test net will be ready on Q4 of this year to be used by users.

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Q10: Where can we find out more about Artex?

Samed: Follow our Twitter: 

Join our chat group: 

Follow our Medium 

Keep up with our official website: 

BSCdaily – Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Artex

BSCdaily – Admin: Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? @samedya

Samed: It has been a good experience being in a bsc-daily AMA. Thank you for all!

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