Ariva Wonderland Reimagines Metaverse Ads

Ariva Wonderland is building a tourism-oriented metaverse where companies can start advertising their products.

Ads Unveiled in Web3

Ariva Wonderland, a metaverse where users can travel to virtual cities and earn crypto, is developing a new generation of digital marketing.

The VR tourism world has billboards where projects and businesses can advertise their products, focusing mainly on Millenials and Gen Z users. Similar to the real world, these virtual ads can be found in indoor and outdoor places, public transportation, and other high-traffic areas.

There are several sectors in Ariva’s world with many social places to explore. Cinemas, music venues, museums, and nightclubs—all prime locations for advertisements. 

In addition, users can acquire land, build businesses and rent it to others. When you own better land and improve it, you can increase your ownership rewards and the cost of advertising on it.

Advertising could play an essential role in Ariva’s revenue cycle, especially in a context where other PlayToEarn projects look for new ways to become more sustainable. BSC News reached out to Ariva Wonderland to learn more about how they want to redefine branding in the metaverse, but we didn’t receive an immediate response. 


What is Ariva Wonderland:

Ariva Wonderland is a blockchain-based next-generation tourism world in which users may travel freely, participate in social events, own property, construct tourism centers, and earn from all these activities. 

Where to find Ariva Wonderland:

Website | Twitter | Whitepaper

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