Ariva Coin Emerges as Special Travel Crypto

The travel and tourism industry could see huge improvements through the involvement of crypto, saving millions a year, and Ariva Coin wants to be in the middle of it.

Introducing Ariva Coin

Ariva Coin describes itself as a new generation cryptocurrency created for a travel and tourism payment and reward system, and it is looking to capitalize on an open market. Imagine earning crypto from your hotel reservation, your social media post during the trip, and much more–– Ariva is here to bring you that world.

We’ve seen crypto stretch out into broad industries from music Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) to sports tokens, and now travel and tourism. Ariva Coin is hoping to capitalize on failures of the current system that see millions lost yearly in currency exchanges, for example. Ariva Community Leader Russell joined BSC News––and host Tom––on a Twitter Spaces, revealing more about the team and project.

“[Ariva Coin is] the future of tourism, the future of digital assets. Ariva was created as a project which is meant to improve the tourism industry by introducing blockchain and cryptocurrency,” Russell told Tom. “The tourist industry faces major challenges, like the need to carry cash, and the losses incurred because of exchange rates. Ariva will eliminate these challenges and make traveling easy and beneficial.“

While the developments from Ariva beckon excitement, users must exercise caution as it remains a project early in its developing stages. There remains a good deal of mystery around the project, with its team’s identity remaining unclear and the whitepaper still fairly generally addressing the broad tourism market. 


BSC News will be keeping tabs on Ariva Coin, a young project with an ambitious future. There may well be a huge appetite for what the team wants to achieve, but for the moment, there is a lot that remains vague.

What is Ariva:

Ariva is a cryptocurrency created by Ariva Co. and designed to be used in the near future in global and local tourist and travel networks. According to the team, the project is a global B2C travel and tourism network where members can meet with global and local tourism service providers based on previous travelers’ experiences and comments, make cryptocurrency bookings, and earn cryptocurrency from reservations and valuable content sharing.

The team is optimistic that with the launch of the ARIVA protocol, the digital payment system will undergo a tremendous inventive transformation that will revolutionize the globe and make trading easier and better. The ARV token was created to make transactions in global and local tourism networks as simple as possible in the near future.

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