Aries Financial: Combining the Best Utilities of DeFi in One Application

Aries Financial is a decentralized financial platform initially built on the Ethereum network; it provides yield farming, staking to users.

Compound Interest 

It’s such a fascinating thing what compounding can do over the long term. Compounding is dubbed the 8th wonders of the world and is well replicated and perpetuated in nature. It’s the secret behind the great wealth of the world’s wealthiest families that have been able to pass their wealth from one generation to the next. Aries Financial actualizes the age-long idea of compounding in its finance-themed product delivery.

What is Aries Financial?

The major feature is that it maximizes the auto-compounding strategy and maximizes the user’s interests seamlessly (Depending on the asset, perform Auto-compounding up to 50 times a day). The platform has recently released its LP Farming and Binary Options platform with BNB on the Binance Smart Chain.  In addition, source code audits have been completed by ANCHAIN.AI based in Silicon Valley, USA. You can see their audit report here.

The idea behind the project is simple, follow the law of nature, the path of least resistance, that have been tested for ages before now and have been known to produce astounding age-long results in generating wealth – compounding interest. Aries Financial is a decentralized financial platform built on the Binance Smart Chain, it provides LP_farming, staking and Binary Options to users.

Aries Financial

The platform is owned by a Singapore-based software development company CHRISTIES SG PTE who has been actively developing for more than four months. The project’s chief aims are to solve the gas fee problems and help bring DeFi to a broader audience. Currently, the protocol is focused on LP farming & Binary options on the BSC network. Users can farm your LP Tokens to earn the AFIB tokens.

Key Features

LP_Yield Farming

Binary Option




Low fees(0 withdraw / deposit fee)

Project Components

Yield Farming: Aries Financial is a DeFi based investment platform that uses the Yield Farming protocol to generate long-term wealth easily compounded for its users. The protocol, which was originally built on the ETH chain, is fast growing with adoption and recently integrated on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. This innovation makes ARIES a multi-chain Yield Farming aggregator.

Switch Between ETH and BSC Networks

The platform uses LP tokens for its yield farming protocol and has a list of stable coins LPs, e.g., USDT, USDC, BUSD, USDT, established coins LPs like BNB, ETH, DOT, LINK UNI, synthetic stocks, and small-cap DeFi protocols (high-risk, high reward).

The Platform Features a Wide range of LPs

With Aries Financial, no matter how small the input or investment, compounding over the long term will yield results in ways not even the savviest minds have thought. Due to the cheap fee’s on the Binance Smart Chain, users can efficiently compound their earnings multiple times daily.

Users also get low fees compared to other projects, precisely a zero percent charge for both deposit and withdrawal. This results in only 1.1% – 1.3% for performance fees.

Binary Option: On the Binary Options platform, speculation is denominated in WBNB. Binary options are trading markets that predict Bitcoin and ETH prices in minutes to hours.

The other day, Pancakeswap launched its prediction market. Due to its high quality, ARIES has decided to redevelop and re-release its own Binary options. ARIES will re-release the Binary option after a redevelopment and testing period of approximately one month.

Binary Option

Users will have the unique abilities to explore Binary Options trading built on the blockchain. A rarity for this market type and a chance to earn WBNB when their bets are correct.

Compounding: The critical attribute of the Aries Financial DeFi platform is the provision of compounding abilities for its users. Users can seamlessly compound their earnings while providing liquidity. As a result, users can reduce gas costs and save the trouble of operation.For example, If you deposit $2,000 of USDC/BUSD for one year, you will receive $2,300-$2,600 in AFIB rewards at the current rate of 20-40% per year.

Compound Your Earning with Aries Financial

Here are some investment strategies available for you on the LP Yield Farm;

To have a stable investment, you can choose stable coins pair like Curve (30% to 60% APY), e.g.;




Invest in major coins (40% to 70% APY), e.g.;





Invest in synthetic stocks such as Amazon, Google, Netflix (100% to 140% APY), e.g.;





To invest and support crypto projects (50% to 200% APY), e.g.;




If you want a high-risk investment but with a high return in the short term (380% to 2500% APY) (This is a high-risk product, so ensure you DYOR);



Governance: ARIES FINANCIAL will issue a true governance token for ARIES FINANCIAL around June to August 2021.

Currently, ARIES FINANCIAL issues two tokens which are $AFI (ERC) and $AFIB (BSC).
(These two tokens can be migrated at the exchange rate of 1 (AFIX): 100 (AFI, AFIB) with AFIX that issued around June to August 2021.)

These two tokens can be obtained by farming at ARIES FINANCIAL with the same token on different networks.

These tokens are PoDs (Proof of Deposits) for deposits and do not have value. These tokens are PoDs (Proof of Deposits) for a user’s deposit and represent the percentage of the user’s deposit.

Native token rewards can only be sold in the exchange for stable coins or other tokens. As a result, it is prone to inflation, and users have to perform work such as harvesting and selling on a regular basis, so depending on the timing, the profit may be lower than expected, which takes time and effort.

Token emission announcements are made on the company’s official Medium page, followed by a series of new developments and platform news. The recent emission announcement, which is the 14th edition, announced integrating the BSC yield farming platform alongside the already established ETH dApp. A new reward pool was published, and platform updates include the following;

WP 2.0 released

New UI: Launched

Binary Option on BSC: Internal testing

Yield farming V2

Audit: done


AFIX is Aries Financial Governance token with deflationary mechanics

Ticker symbol: AFIX

Total supply: 180,000 Function: Governance 

Contract address: AFIX: BSC Scan link


The platform does not have a hardcore roadmap plan, but updated news and information are pushed to the official Medium page. The team adopts an active project update style rather than a roadmap plan stating events in the future. According to the official, it seems that the development of APP conversion is in progress.

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