Aries Financial – A Powerful Suite of DeFi Tools

The platform brings a variety of services under one roof, flexing the power of decentralized banking.

Introducing Aries Financial

Aries Financial is gearing up to become the decentralized bank of the future: a full suite of financial tools which leverages Decentralized Finance (DeFi) technology to deliver the best possible experience for all its users. Aries delivers a range of services in one user interface, encompassing tools from token swaps, stablecoin yield farmingstaking pools, and fast options trading (prediction markets).

The next big product which Aries is set to release is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with a “zero impermanent loss” farm and synthetic assets on Polygon. This follows on from successful launches of their yield aggregator on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The Aries Financial ecosystem

Key Features

Swap: The swap function of Aries Financial offers high fees for liquidity providers with the Aries DEX offering a 0.3% fee on swaps. Of this 0.25% is paid out to liquidity providers according to their percentage stake in that liquidity pool.

Zero Impermanent Loss Pool: Users are invited to deposit a single synthetic asset such as sUSDC or sUSDT to earn $ARIES – the native token of Aries Financial.

High-Yield Liquidity Mining: Users can provide liquidity to specified liquidity pools to earn $ARIES tokens.

Flash Loan Prevention: Aries prevents flash loans by using Chainlink’s distributed oracle price feed, and Uniswap’s TWAP if not available.

Synthetic Assets: sUSDC (sUSDT) is a synthetic asset consisting of 1 USDC (USDT) + 10% of $ARIES + 0.2% of TITAN. 

Users can enjoy efficient profits from the Aries ecosystem with synthetic assets. 1 sUSDC (sUSDT) is not a true stablecoin because it is worth $1~$1.2 or more in some cases. Instead it is a synthetic asset that is 90% guaranteed by USDC (USDT).

Inflation Prevention: Aries employs an algorithmic monetary policy designed to reduce the inflation of $ARIES tokens.


There are a number of tokens within the Aries ecosystem including sUSDC (sUSDT) and $ARIES, the native token.

sUSDC (sUSDT) is a synthetic asset inspired by Iron Finance, sensibly avoiding the publicized shortcomings of both IRON and TITAN. The model which Aries finance aspires to is to create a token with high APR rewards on one hand, and a low risk profile on the other. To synthesize sUSDC (sUSDT), 0.2% TITAN is required. 

1 sUSDC (sUSDT) corresponds to 1 USDC (USDT) as well as 10% of $ARIES and 0.2% of TITAN.

sUSDC (sUSDT) is designed as a relatively stable asset which can also plug into the benefits of the Aries ecosystem. The stablecoin portion of sUSDC (sUSDT) creates a solid foundation for the asset, while the $ARIES portion leverages the benefits of the Aries. 

sUSDC (sUSDT) can be minted or redeemed calculated as follows-

Mint: 1 USDC (USDT) + 10% of $ARIES + 0.2% of TITAN = 1 sUSDC (sUSDT) 

Redeem: 1 sUSDC (sUSDT) = 1 USDC (USDT) + sUSDC (sUSDT) of your ARIES share percentage.

$ARIES Tokenomics

Token name: ARIES token

Token symbol: ARIES

Total Supply: 1,000,000 ARIES (526 per day)

100% community reward

 No  Presale

 No Investor Share 

No Rug Pull – Just 9% Dev Reward for every 1 ARIES issued through farming.

1,000 ARIES for airdrop / 10,000 ARIES for initial liquidity

Network: Polygon

$ARIES tokens can be earned by providing liquidity to the platform, with the issuance of these tokens controlled by an algorithm to prevent token inflation.


To promote the launch of the new product Aries Financial is running a number of promotional campaigns in parallel. To participate in these campaigns users may need to familiarize themselves with further tokens which are also employed by Aries including QUICK, AFIB and pAFIB.

Campaign 1

This campaign will reward the first 500 participants who trade the QUICK token before July 10th with 0.1 $ARIES, as well as 500 random participants who trade QUICK before. If they also trade QUICK after July 10th, the selected winners will again be rewarded with 0.1 $ARIES, bringing the total number of winners to 1,000 and total amount for each user .2 ARIES.

Campaign 2

This campaign invites users to stake AFIB to earn pAFIB. The pAFIB token is a ticket which allows users to receive a proportion of $ARIES totkens by sending them to the following address at the end of the campaign: 


Users will receive a 1:1 conversion of their pAFIB tokens meaning that 1 pAFIB = 1 $ARIES.

The rounds of the airdrop will be as follows:

1st round: July 12th ~ July 18th : 300 pAFIB

2nd round: July 19th ~ July 25th : 300 pAFIB

3rd round: July 26th ~August 1st : 300 pAFIB

There may also be an additional campaign round to be held in the event of a delayed release.

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