Aries Finance AMA Transcript

ARIES FINANCIAL is a yield farming platform guided with Staking Pools.

All questions answered by Yang


How’re you doing?

YangYang:Hi Lola

I’m good, and you?

Lola(AMAHOST):I’mgood too

Shall we go into the first session? ?

Q1. Can you give us a generalintroduction of you and Aries Finance? Could you tell us your role inthe project?

YangYang:Make DeFi easy

Who we are : 

We are a software development companybased in Singapore, Taiwan and Japan. 

Currently, we are focusing on thedevelopment of smart contracts, and we are proceeding with thedevelopment under the theme of “Make DeFi easy”.


ARIES FINANCIAL Yield farming V2 is anyield optimizer compatible with Binance Smart Chain. 

V2 is a yield farming platform focusedon providing optimal auto-compound interest strategy for DeFi users,yield farming through audited smart contracts and yield optimizationstrategies for the best APY.

Lola(AMAHOST):Canyou tell us about yourself too?

YangYang:Okay I’m Yang, currently I’m based in Singapore.

You can find me anytime in ourcommunity

I have experience in launching DeFi onETH, a centralized exchange in before.

Q2. How many team members do you haveworking with you? And can you also tell us their roles?


15 members.

5 engineers 

1 HR

1 Designer

8 Marketing 

Our team is particularly focused onengineering and marketing

It’s not a big team right now, but Iexpect it to be a little bigger in the second half of the year.

The teams are in Singapore, Taiwan,Japan, Canada and Indonesia.

Although it is an organization called acompany, we try to decentralize it as much as possible.

Q3. Can you tell us about Farming inAries Finance


The important thing is the use theseLP_Tokens for automated compound interest strategies.

The basic usage is to performLP_Farming using LP_Token created by Pancakeswap.

Currently, there are more than 40pools. Of course this includes single assets.

By using the automatic compoundinterest strategy, users can expect profits without complicatedoperations.


Q4. Can you tell the Community abouthow Aries Finance works generally?


A feature of ARIES FINANCIAL is that itleverages a variety of trusted Farm platforms to maximize the user’sprofits with Auto compounding rather than using Farm directly.

There are already several similarplatforms in the world, but ARIES FINANCIAL aims for the highestprofitable performance by reducing the optimal number of Autocompounding and fees.

+The original reward system will blockthe inflation of native tokens and provide high profits to users.

Q5. What are the benefits or Reward inAries Finance?

YangYang:Our strategy is to maximize the user-deposited tokens themselves withAuto compounding.

If you do it manually, it will taketime and gas fee.

Users do not have to pay for gas, andtheir assets grow with compound interest.

+ You can expect further profits andyields by rewarding native tokens AFIB(X).

Q6. How many Partners do you have? Andwhat do you expect from them?


Currently, the only company that canreally be a partner is a security company in Silicon Valley, USA.Although we are a decentralized organization, we have a great deal ofsecurity because we are developing this project as a company.

Anchain is also incharge of auditing the code.

Q7. How is the transaction fees inAries Finance?



0% for deposit / withdraw fee!!

Especially unique is buy-back rate issetting 6%

Q8. Can you share with our communitythe plans you and your project have for this year and the comingyears?


We’re just launching, but we’re aimingfor a $ 2B TVL over the next six months.

In order to achieve our goals, we willproactively devise ways to benefit our users.

Q9. What are the major challenges inAries Finance and how do you intend to solve them?


The current challenge is trying to getmore size of the TVL.

If TVL is not large, even if you createliquidity of native tokens, it will cause inflation.

However, this challenge is expected tobe resolved 

with a new strategy that can bereleased next week✨

Lola(AMAHOST): Allright. We await more from Aries Finance


Q10.Share with us all the links about Aries Finance, so that readers canfind out more and also follow the development of the project.







Q11.Lastly our favourite question, do you have any alpha or juicy newsfor us in BSC News today?


Yes we definitely have some good newsfor BSC News community

We will release a new strategy in nextweek.

The test went well today.

We will start supplying liquidity forAFIB-WBNB at the same time as the release of the new strategy.

Currently, there is no liquidity inAFIB, the native token of ARIES.

Currently, we are just increasing thedeposited assets and benefiting our users.

AFIB will be able to migrate to AFIX inthe future, and will be migrated so that it does not fall below 1AFIX= $ 2,000.

Please refer to medium for details.

However, simulations have shown thatthe strategy to be released next week will allow us to maintain AFIBprices above a certain level.

Starting next week, users will use AFIB

1, sell immediately and make a profit

2, Now I am satisfied with the yield ofthe deposited tokens, and after a few months I will migrate and geteven higher profits

There are two options.

Of course, users who are already usingARIES will be able to swap the rewards they have received so far intocurrencies such as BNB and BUSD.

The strategy that can be released nextweek is a reward system that increases APR as TVL increases.

Please use ARIES by all means. If youlike it, tell your friends and Crypto friends about ARIES.

The more TVL you have, the greater yourprofits will be.

Since the time of this AMA is limited,most of the time I can’t talk about it concretely.

Please join the ARIES Telegramcommunity after this.

And ask any questions.

We have a lot of active managers in ourcommunity,

You can explain any question with aconcrete rationale.

Lola(AMAHOST):That’sgreat. Thank you so much for your time Yang.

YangYang:Thank you ✨

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