Argon – Where Freelancers Find Opportunities

The unique protocol serves as a decentralized hub to connect freelancers with job opportunities.

Introducing Argon

Argon is a blockchain-based freelancer platform built on Binance Smart Chain. Argon is a completely decentralized freelancer platform which allows hiring managers and talent seekers to find and pay for top talent, and for freelancers and job seekers to search for tasks which meet their skillset and to earn commissions for completing jobs.

The Argon platform

Argon in Detail

Since Argon is a decentralized platform built on Binance Smart Chain, jobs are paid for in cryptocurrency. At launch the Argon platform supported BNB, BUSD and ARGON as payment currencies. The company has since added VAI and XVS to their list of payment options.

For talent seekers the process of interacting with Argon is very simple. Simply create a job posting with the job task and its requirements, post the role on Argon and await responses from talented individuals capable of completing the task.

A job posting on Argon

For freelancers the process is similarly simple. Apply for the tasks which suit your skillset, complete the task, and receive payment in crypto. Unlike many other freelance platforms which incur heavy commissions of up to 20%, Argon allows its freelancers to do business with 0 commission.

Finally, to ensure that the platform stays decentralized, there is a requirement for third party arbiters in the case of a dispute between freelancers and job owners. On the Argon platform these third party arbiters are known as “approvers”. Signing up as an approver on Argon offers users the chance to make money from impartially assessing jobs and whether they have been completed.

The total value locked in the Argon platform today sits at $1.2 million with 20.3 million Argon tokens locked and 4104.3 BNB locked. The total number of transactions on the platform has now exceeded 200,000.

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