Argon Teases Avalanche Bridge While Negotiating With Avalanche Foundation

Argon have begun to ‘share their progress’ on the bridge to the Avalanche Network as they attempt to close in on a deal with the Avalanche Foundation.

Argon Flexing Abilities

Argon sent out a message of what they were capable of and what they were in the process of achieving. 

Argon revealed the sleek look of the Avalanche bridge in a tweet on the 27th of August while perhaps also hoping to communicate a little something more. 

“We are thrilled to share with you our progress with the bridge to the @avalancheavax Network,” the blockchain-based freelancer platform tweeted. “While we continue to negotiate with the Avalanche Foundation. Here is a sneak Peek.”

The reveal will have excited investors and also given the Avalanche Foundation a decent indicator as they continue negotiations. A clean and easy user interface will do well for the platform to attract more users. 


Impressive Developments

Avalanche’s recent liquidity support and the general effect it will have on the space has been well documented recently. Argon will know that being able to work with the network and receiving ample support could help propel them.

Negotiations with the Avalanche Foundation are likely progressing and will rely on understanding what the different entities stand to offer one another.

As prospective users watch on, many will understand that a ‘coming together’ of this sort only stands to benefit them and the service they will receive. 


What is Argon? 

Argon describes itself as the world’s first––and only–-decentralized freelancer platform built on Binance Smart Chain. The platform’s decentralized nature distinguishes them from other existing platforms and allows them to be ahead of competing products. Argon aims to solve the high rate of commission that is prevalent on most freelancing platforms. The work performed and the service payment both use the blockchain in a trustless and decentralized manner.

With most freelancers often having to give up a considerable proportion of their fee to other freelance competitors, Argon may well offer a wonderful way of maximizing profit and productivity, allowing both freelancers and institutions to thrive.

Where to find Argon:

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