Argon Project Insight: A Blockchain-Based Freelancing Platform

Free-lancing work is commonly utilized for a variety of different reasons. Typically, these jobs are done on a centralized freelancing platform. These services allow customers to request a job and pay the freelancer for their services. Traditional freelancing platforms charge hefty fees and have centralized pitfalls. Users must undergo a verification process and face possible bans if policies are broken. Argon introduces the world’s first blockchain-based freelancer platform to the crypto community.

What is Argon?

Argon is the world’s first and only decentralized freelance platform built on the Binance Smart Chain network. The platform’s decentralized nature sets them apart from other existing platforms and gives them a running edge ahead of the curve. Argon solves the high rate commission experienced with most freelancing platforms. The actual delivery of work and service payment uses the blockchain in a trustless and decentralized manner.

Argon offers ease of transacting within the blockchain. This is compared to a centralized platform that charges you fees for all actions. For example, when charged for work, parties involved in freelancing jobs on a centralized platform pay the high platform commission. In some cases, an account ban may happen without a credible reason. Most platforms’ centralized nature means that not too many people are confident in engaging in freelance jobs. On Argon, all of these listed problems are taken care of.

Key Features

Zero commission freelance platform

Enhanced payment security

Decentralized in nature

Globally adopted

Highly profitable for participants

Projects Components

Argon’s business processes and model are tailor-fit for platform users’ profitability. Its modified approach to the freelance job process distinguishes the platform much further. The Approver is a mediating intermediary between workers and employers. This is one of Argon’s most important roles among other components that make up the platform’s ecosystem.


An Approver is a final resolution in an open dispute. When customers encounter problems in the existing centralized platform, they are left at the freelancer’s mercy with little to no platform help. This exposes customers to a loss of money and recipient of poor work. In Argon, the situation is different, with the Approver stepping in to give a final resolution to customers who need help. If, as an Argon user, you are not satisfied with the service provided by the freelancer, you can enter a rejection statement and send the job to approvers to expedite your case.


Freelancers are assured of receiving their payment at the end of the work. When they approve the work, the fee is sent to the smart contract and stored on the contract until they receive the job. This is done to take care of the freelancer’s best interests. This is crucial as many freelancers get the job done but don’t get compensated. The plus side is that the stored money is transparent and can be seen by all on the ArgonShield contract.


A freelancer is a worker in the Argon ecosystem that takes on customers’ available job. Freelancers are able to make money with their abilities regardless of their locations. Freelancers bid for jobs created on the application, and customers choose according to their preference or needs.


Argon customers refer to specific users who need a particular service or product and want it done by another person. They are responsible for job posting while expecting freelancers to fill in the role.

Argon Charity

Argon charity is made up of helpful people in the Argon community and team. A particular portion of the funds collected from the token sales will be allocated to people in need. The team is developing a blockchain-based module that will facilitate donations for people who want to donate.

Why Use Argon?

Compared to other platforms that charge commissions up to 40%, Argon charges zero commission on both customers and freelancers. Everything is paid with crypto within a decentralized environment for speedy, cheap, and flexible payment plans.

Also, within the dapp, approvers are paid to keep things in check on both the customers and freelancer sides. He/she have the final decision in dispute resolution and is rewarded for being fair. Smart contracts are utilized for the operation in a trustless, open, and fair manner.

On the 11th of March, the company had its audit agreement with Certik, the most prominent audit firm currently on the Binance ecosystem. A move meant to give confidence to its investing community as a safe and unruggable token.


The total supply – 100 000, 000 with no extra minted coins planned

Argon application – 5,000, 000 (5% stored in the smart contract)

Locked tokens – 23 000, 000 (23% to total supply)

Research and development – 5, 000, 000 (5%)

Donation and charity – 2, 000, 000 (2%)

Private sales – 15, 000, 000

Public sales – 35 000, 000

Reserved for liquidity for Dex listings – 5, 000, 000 (5%)

All current tokenomics can be found here on Bscan.


The platform’s updated roadmap is loaded on Notion, and they are placed into categories by status.

Listing on centralized exchanges

Argon 2.0 release

Chat with freelancers on Argon

Staking Argon token

Binance launchpad application

NFT market place

Advertising and sponsorship agreement

Creating pool on 1inch

Activating Argon with all functions

Two roadmap plan stands out:

NFT Market, to accommodate the growing interest and increasing hype of the NFT industry. It could expose the platform to a whole new group of NFTs enthusiasts.

Binance launchpad application, a value-driven strategy to increase awareness of the protocol.

Concluding Thoughts

Argon is a first mover in the freelance industry on a decentralized network. Argon will set its path with its intuitive layers, solutions, and pioneer effect. With the introduction of the NFT marketplace, more utilities will be added to the native tokens of the ecosystem, thereby expanding its uses more.

The project’s scope is not only for profit-making but also for giving back to society and less privilege through its charity works. Providing an accessible environment for both customers and freelancers in a decentralized fashion is one of the blockchain’s real-life applications.

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