Are Validators Becoming Increasingly Frustrated With Binance Smart Chain?

A revolt is brewing as validators on the Binance Smart Chain are taking it out on incompetent and ‘dysfunctional’ developers

Addressing the Binance Smart Chain Community

In a scathing attack on the Binance Smart Chain’s (BSC) development team by an anonymous user on Github, some serious allegations of incompetency and unprofessionalism were lashed out. 

In a posting by a user known as kaber2, he said, “Guys, seriously, WTF. This is a blockchain with supposedly billions of value, yet it is governed and developed like the project of a stoned teenager. I’ve rarely seen something handled so unprofessionally.”

The dissatisfaction could be a sign of a brewing revolt by its validators as most issues were not addressed. The thread attracted many other comments that highlighted a host of issues with the development team and one issue, in particular, is the failure of the node to sync. 

One commentator posted, ‘I literally can’t agree more. The state of the node is simply horrible. We are trying to create a DAPP with real time data, but with the current state it is not possible. At least Ethereum is working like a charm since two weeks, without any irregular activities. If they can’t fix the problems, BSC is a lost cause, and developers are going to switch to another chain. At the current state, I can’t recommend developers to work with BSC.’

The issues raised by the aggrieved user are : 

* No code review. No description of what is the problem and what was done to resolve the problem. 

* Failure to respond to bug reports.

* There is no testing process in place and updates create more problems. 

* No beta testing and features declared ‘stable’ are in fact not as declared. 

* The feature to disable P2P transactions will result in non-executing transactions. 

* Increase in block size and reduction in block time was carried out without doing the necessaries

Source: Validators are becoming increasingly annoyed with the developers on the Binance Smart Chain

Layer-1 Protocols

Layer-1 protocols are aggressive bidding to be the fastest, cheapest and the most conducive environment for projects to build on its network. BSC is becoming one of the leading alternative platforms with its cheap gas fee and fast transaction speed. However, internal problems from its project team will hinder its development. 

Alternative protocols are gaining momentum because of Ethereum’s speed in handling issues of speed and costs. Similarly BSC may suffer the same fate if it fails to heed the criticism from its own community. 

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