APWars Plans To Becomes One Of The Best BSC Network Games

APWars is a BSC game with a classic RPG gameplay where players can join battles of ‘good’ vs. ‘evil.’

Hardcore gamers want to be sure they’re choosing the right game to invest their time in. They want it to be competitive, fun, and, in the best scenario, also give them a long and entertaining ride. But after almost a year of hype around them, how are crypto games fulfilling those desires?

Over the last months, many protocols were born with the promise of a sustainable economy around a unique game experience that could, in theory, bring whole new possibilities for gamers – turning entertainment hours into something that could actually be profitable.

Despite being an incredible promise, it seems like most of them were always lacking something. Some had great gameplay but weak tokenomics. Others had a great economy, but their games weren’t funny enough to keep players interested. The rest just looked like disguised lotteries, where players tried their luck for some jackpot.

In the middle of unsustainable hype, APWars is being built to provide a better experience to users. APWars is a micro-cap token with a market cap lower than $300,000.

APWars Brings The Classic RPG Gameplay

If you are a real gamer, you probably heard about or played titles like Tribal Wars, Warcraft, Age of Empires, and Civilization. Millions of people played these strategy-centered games during the last decades. They had a highly devoted base of players around the world thanks to their unique gameplay and classic lore around epic worlds and adventures.

Arcadia, from APWars, is one of the few metaverses where players can experience classic RPG gameplay with a crypto-based economy. There, they have the chance to build and develop a medieval village and fight against each other for the world’s treasure – and their strategies as war leaders will define how far they will go in the game.

If they want to succeed, they must strategically decide what lands to acquire and the best way to develop their villages in order to obtain both economic and military success. Joining clans and using diplomacy skills inside this world to protect their own interests and survive in this hostile environment is also possible.

In addition to it, global events also provide exclusive game dynamics where the community can join battles of “good” vs. “evil” – or, in this case, Corporation vs. Degenerates. 

APWars Brings Different Gameplays

The protocol brings different gameplays for different kinds of gamers. This is a common strategy among great game producers, such as the Pokemon Team and Riot Games, to increase their community and follow new trends.

APWars is following the same path with the recently released The Monstrous Journey, an action RPG game where you command your soldier into exciting fights against enemies in the best “Beat’ em all” arcade-style.

Here you have full control of your soldier and must use your own abilities to succeed. The game also counts with a leaderboard system to reward the best players every week – adding a competitive environment to the game and community.

To keep the RPG essence, you can develop your character, level up, learn skills and collect equipment that increases your performance. The equipment also plays an aesthetic role in it, opening the possibility of adding skins and other collectibles to the game – which are big trends in games and crypto markets too.

Furthermore, your soldier acts as a ticket to play in the War Against the FED. In this game, which mixes PVP and PVE, you can enlist an army to fight against other players and the dragon Louis, the APWars ultimate boss.

APWars Combines Sustainable P2E With A Low Entry Cost

No matter how fun and addictive a game is, it won’t last unless its economy is strong and sustainable. APWars aims to combine sustainable play-to-earn and low entry costs.

With less than 50 BUSD, you are able to join all games and begin a very entertaining journey. The fact that its main token, wGOLD, is becoming deflationary, with new utilities being added frequently, enabling users to book some profits while playing.

To stay solid, APWars provides all necessary tools for players to rule their own economy. In Arcadia, for example, village owners can pay the system to open tasks they don’t have time to do. Just like in real life, players sell their time for those who are interested in a service, creating a healthy and sustainable flow.

Finally, a Loyalty Program concept rewards players with game items without harming the token price, giving extra incentives for them to provide liquidity and support decentralized transactions between people – while protecting the protocol from inflation by cutting the original token rewards.

APWars has been releasing new features every week, bringing new possibilities to people and building a solid community of players.




Source : bsc.news

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