ApeTools: An Analytics Tool for Binance Smart Chain Dex Trading

The tool is designed to be the leading chart analytics tool for the top Dexes in the BSC network, aggregating data from PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, and ApeSwap pairs.

What is ApeTools?

ApeTools is powered by the AMM and Dex platform Apeswap and aims to be the hub of trading tools for binance chain pairs and pool explorer. The tool is designed to be the leading chart analytics tool for the top Dexes in the BSC network, aggregating data from PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, and ApeSwap pairs. It will be the one-stop place where users can check for token analysis and take on trading decisions.


Key Features

Chart Tools

Staking Platform



Prediction Market


Project Components

The platform is scheduled to go live in the next seven days; thus, its features are under development as the launch date nears.

Chart Tool

The team has decided to create ApeTools from a strategic viewpoint. Due to the user-friendly nature, and fast-growing pace of the ApeSwap platform, they aim to build a tool that will cover their AMM analytics alongside other competitors on BSC. There is no official partnership or connection with the ApeSwap team, but currently, the team is pursuing a partnership. With the tool, users would be able to;

Automatically calculate moon sheets

Get alerts for new price and listings

Get farming APR graphics day by day, depending 

Track portfolio and chart analysis

Users will view earnings across all pools and farms on their dashboards. In the Infometric section, users will be able to access the past launchpads. The team will also create a database; users will be able to examine successful projects from the past. 

These services will be accessed to tiered members, depending on the number of tokens held by interested members. The way to get these tokens is by taking part in the token sale coming soon or buy from BSC Dex platforms when listed.

Staking Platform:

ApeTools will have a staking platform where holders of the tokens will lock their tokens for a period to get rewards. Users will benefit from the rewards, access exclusive features of the tool service, and even airdrops.

NFT Chart Tool:

In one dashboard, users will be able to track the prices of NFTs. Looking at the past trading of ERC-721 tokens, the team has plans to create a graph of each respective NFT price. Of course, Apetool will make these features available to token holders.

Launchpad and Prediction Market

Once the tools are developed, the following features are planned for integration on ApeTools. A prediction market will allow users to speculate on the price of assets on the BSC. Also, Launchpad is coming to allow users to participate in new project releases.

Ape Tools tier system to participate in IDOs:

Baboon: 10000 $TAPE

Ape: 20000 $TAPE 

Chimp: 40000 $TAPE 

Gorilla: 80000 $TAPE

King Kong: 60000 $TAPE


Part of the project will include a Governance Protocol that will factor in significant community decisions. Holders will decide on essential features to be listed in the tool.


Token symbol: $TAPE

Token Distribution

Total maximum Supply: 100,000,000 $TAPE

12.5% Public Sale 12.5M — No vesting

25% Private Sale 25M — 35% Initial unlock, 35% after 15 days, 30% after 15 days

25% Liqiuditiy 25M — Locked

10% Team 10M — 10% Initial unlock then 30% unlock every 3 months

10% Marketing 10M — 25% Initial unlock then 25% unlock every 3 months

10% Strategic Investment 10M — 10% Initial unlock then 10% unlock every 2 months.

7.5% Staking Rewards 7.5M — TBA


Project Roadmap

7-10 May

Private Sale

13 May

Aggressive Marketing

19 May

$TAPE on CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko- Public Sale & Immediately Pancakeswap or Apeswap Listing


ApeTools v.Beta

Pair and Pool Explorer


Staking Reward System

Membership System

App Launch


NFT Tracker

Governance System

The public sale of the $TAPE token scheduled for the 19th would also be with a listing on PancakeSwap and Apeswap and potentially Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. The event is followed aggressively with marketing coupled with platform features that will bring it up to speed with its roadmap.

The team has also had their smart contracts audited by HashEx. The results show no vulnerability in the code. Solidity Finance has also conducted a smart contract audit on the ApeTools code and found no issues.

Audit by HasEx

The team just had their smart contracts audited by HashEx, and the result shows no vulnerability of the codes. Solidity Finance has also conducted a smart contract audit on the ApeTools codes and has also found no issues.

In Conclusion

ApeTools will help search tokens, smart contracts you wouldn’t find anywhere. The tool is created to allow traders to make better trading decisions, track their portfolios and whales’ portfolios to judge market movement and condition.

Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. For those who have not already read our articles on safety in the BSC, it is crucial to reference the following items, HERE and HERE.

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